90 Divine Angels Tattoos

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We have more than one hundred and fifty images with very original angel tattoos at your fingertips. Browse our pages looking at all the photos we have. Our multimedia servers are updated very regularly. Welcome to our galleries with photos of tattoos.

What do angel tattoos mean for women?

Many women love designs that enhance their femininity and subtlety. For this reason, when they go to a tattoo artist, they usually ask him to engrave the most beautiful tattoos of angels on their skin, so that they can feel satisfied.

In their tastes, the realization of small tattoos of angels tends to predominate, because they like something that is easily disguised and therefore, that is not so obvious to the eye. Although some are more daring and ask for a very colorful design that attracts more attention and makes them stand out.

For everyone in general, there is the belief that we have a guardian angel, someone who accompanies us and takes care of us with his divine presence and is obviously not in this world. It is a way to have moral support in the worst moments in which we see ourselves alone, do not worry your guardian angel is still there (even if he does not give a crazy thing what happens to you).

But for them, angel tattoos represent people who love them above all things and protect them from all evil, being with them in the strongest moments.

Women who lost her mother feel that the best way to remember her is by engraving various angel tattoos on her body. Thus they are sure to always carry her with them, imagining that she is there for them, covering herself with her wings from any danger.

Sometimes we fall into the mistaken belief that these designs are only for religious people. This is completely false, since all of them have different interpretations such as goodness, evil, protection, among others.

An angel is the kind person who behaves well with his peers, without distinctions of any kind. He is available to everyone, so the halo is widely used when it comes to tattooing because that way they convey the goodness that accompanies them.

Thousands of combinations and ideas for angel tattoos

Each woman who chooses to get tattooed with these motifs, imprints her personal meaning on him, thus making him her “feminine stamp”. Many like to feel cared for and, in some cases, it gives them strength in moments of anguish and restlessness.

They like to think that the fact of wearing an angel engraved on her skin removes negative energies that could be approaching.

First time you get a tattoo and you don’t know how to choose?

Don’t worry about it, friend or friend. If it is the first time that you are going to tattoo your skin, angel tattoos are an excellent option in case you are undecided between so many designs.

These reasons can help you in a better way in your choice, since they are so varied and beautiful that it will be a little easier to choose which one or which you want to take with you forever. Although they can also be temporary.

Do not worry about the shape or the part of your body where you decide to place it, as these types of tattoos fit perfectly no matter where they go.

Dark angels exist too, believe it or not

One of them is the well-known Angel of the Apocalypse, this does not mean that you choose it if dark designs are not among your preferences. These tattoo designs with angels have to do above all with sadness and adverse situations.

For this reason, they are not for all types of women, but for those who have inclinations towards feelings of melancholy and sadness, or who think that nothing around them makes sense anymore.

In the same way, it is among the favorites of those who like to inspire fear in those around them, as a kind of protective shield against their possible vulnerability. Or simply, they have a small environment where they only get along with people who are just like them.

If you want to feel protected, loved or accompanied by that loved one who is no longer with you, these tattoos are your best option.