90 Finger Tattoos For Women And Men

Welcome to the best gallery with images of tattoos on the fingers for men and…

Welcome to the best gallery with images of tattoos on the fingers for men and women on the Internet. Nothing more and nothing less, than 90 photos of the best tattoos for this 2021.

Our gallery is continually updated. Browse between the different pages to see all the tattoos. Choose the design that catches your eye the most, but don’t forget to read our recommendations first.


Finger tattoos for men and women

These tattoos on the fingers look great on people who have hardly any tattoos, being visible and being a small tattoo goes practically unnoticed. Men usually tattoo all the fingers of the hand, their phalanges forming words or a phrase when joining the fists.

These designs are too overloaded with ink and most women prefer to go for simpler tattoos.

Contrary to what many believe, tattoos are not just to show off on the arms and back. Your fingers can also show off any original and attractive small design that will look great. It is a great option for both genders, if you do not want to tattoo large parts of your body and want to have a discreet tattoo.

It works on both fingers and toes. You can tattoo any finger, from the phalanges to the sides.

You can complement them with rings and painted nails, if you are a girl. Any design will look great on your fingers if you can get it to cure properly. Finger tattoos for women are trending even among celebrities.

Tattooing your fingers is an option for any gender and age. It is a very elegant way to show off a tattoo without having to mark your arms. On your fingers you can look from delicate designs, if you are a romantic person to more extravagant designs, if you are a rock fanatic or belong to an urban tribe.

Any part of the body admits thousands of designs and combinations, as long as they are made at the right size and level of detail. Anything you want to express can be captured on any of your fingers. You just need inspiration and decide to tattoo your fingers.

Best Finger Tattoo Designs

Fingers are one of the favorite body parts for tattooing among tattoo fans. These are the most original and trend-setting finger tattoos.

Minimalist finger tattoos are a trend, especially for couples in love. The initials of your partner are beautiful on the fingers of the hand, it is a very romantic act of love to take into account.

Meaningful messages

You can tattoo everything you want to express on your fingers. Choose the font that you like the most and write the message in the language you prefer. You can even write it in Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.

Broken heart

For this romantic design, you should get half a broken heart tattooed on your middle finger and the other half on the ring finger, in such a way that the two halves come together when you put your fingers together.

Geometric figures

Each geometric figure has a symbolic meaning. Choose an inverted or normal triangle or rhombus.

Infinity symbol

This symbol is one of the most chosen for tattooing. It will look great on your fingers, both on your hands and on your toes.


You can place a letter on each finger to form your name or the word that most identifies you. Pick a professional tattoo artist to design them in the style of your choice.

Musical notes

This design is ideal for bohemian people who love art. You can place a note on each phalanx or finger of the hand.

Eye of horus

If you like the symbols of Ancient Egypt, you can also wear the famous Eye of Horus on your fingers. This is a highly sought after tattoo design nowadays.


This romantic design can be worn on any finger, it is a classic design for girls. In both color and gray, it will look amazing with a ring and painted nails.

Zodiac sign

If you are a follower of your horoscope and you hope to know what the stars have in store for you, this design is for you. The best thing is that you can tattoo it on the finger of your choice.


Religious themes are widely used by fans of Gothic culture. A crucifix would look great on any finger.


If you love your land even if you are on the other side of the world, what better than to carry a flag of your country on your fingers? You will need a good ink and the professionalism of the tattoo artist.

Famous phrases

If there is a phrase that you identify with, it is a good idea to get a tattoo on your fingers. For example a saying, a proverb or a phrase of a famous person whom you admire a lot.


Carry a sample of Ancient Egypt on your fingers. You can also make up your own hieroglyphs to give a message that expresses what you feel.


This design allows a large number of options. You can tattoo the logo of the brand you prefer, your favorite sports club or a rock band. It is a style that will identify you very well.


This option is perfect for all genres that like to express themselves in an original way. Tattoo a happy face or with the emotion that most characterizes you.


Numbers can have several meanings. They can represent a very important date in your life or have a Kabbalistic meaning. You can tattoo your lucky number on the finger of your choice.


The anchor symbolizes a union between two people who love each other. It is also a simple design that looks great on any finger.


If you are a fan of some foods you can wear them on your tattooed fingers. You can get a tattoo on each finger of one of the things you like to eat the most, such as ice cream, hamburgers or pizza.

Advantages and disadvantages of tattooing on the fingers

Finger tattoos can be a very fun and versatile option, allowing for more creative and original designs. It is also one of the styles most used by artists. Famous singers like Rihanna or Miley Cyrus have chosen to wear original designs on your fingers.

However, the fingers are always very questioned when making tattoos, since it is a very delicate part and susceptible to pain. It also takes a long time to recover from the aftermath after a tattoo session.

Another disadvantage pointed out by some tattoo artists is the poor durability of the designs. Being very small in size, they tend to fade in a short time. Finger rubbing also contributes to ink fading and ruining the tattoo.

And it is that the skin of the hands is made for continuous wear, it is in part its regenerative capacities that make some designs disappear little by little.

That is why few professional tattooists dare to tattoo their fingers or hands. Since at the end of the tattoo it looks incredible, but after a while the tattoos begin to fade from the skin.

If you want a tattoo that lasts forever, the fingers would not be a recommended area to get tattooed. In addition, the tattoos on the fingers will be in a very visible part, so it is not advisable if you have to go to a formal place where the tattoos are not very well seen.

This option would be more suitable if you want to wear a temporary tattoo and plan to remove it later. Another very important aspect is that only professional tattoo artists have the skill to create such small designs and they know which ink is the most recommended for this purpose. If you are determined to get a tattoo on your fingers, take these aspects into account.