90 Arrow Tattoos in Images

Discover all the most beautiful and original arrow tattoos of 2021. Below you will see…

Discover all the most beautiful and original arrow tattoos of 2021. Below you will see a list with photos of the best tattoos from our gallery with pagination included. Navigating through our inner pages of the galleries, choose from among all the tattoo images the one that most catches your attention. Discover with us the most incredible tattoos and share them with all your friends.

Meaning of arrow tattoos

For those of us who love tattoos, sometimes a reason to tattoo our skin is arrows, but will that be okay? Do you know why arrows attract us? Don’t worry, we will give you a brief explanation of its meaning and some ideas to make you a truly extraordinary design.

As we discussed earlier, arrow tattoos have a propitious meaning for it, explained by the protection they provided, but why protection? The arrow was the ammunition used by the bow that man used to defend himself against dangerous animals such as wolves, bears, lions, tigers and other wild beasts.

It was also a very useful tool to hunt and to bring food to their families. Even to defend against conflicts with other rival tribes during human evolution itself, so there are many reasons to choose these designs.

You are looking for brotherhood, you have a friend or a love and you plan to make yourself arrows, the best option is crossed arrows, the best way to represent the union and loyalty that you have for each other, also remembering that Cupid always carries an arrow with him.

The meanings are variable when you search thoroughly, remembering that the arrow was the weapon of the Native American Indians, it was mostly used for their protection that is why it is synonymous with strength, direction, firmness.

Most fashionable arrow tattoos

Many people who get arrow tattoos feel that their lives are going in one direction or progress and so they choose these designs that look great anywhere on our bodies.

Single Arrow Tattoo

When we want to make a single arrow tattoo, we represent protection and direction of our lives, ideal when we want to set goals.

Two arrows in opposite direction tattoo

Sometimes we find tattoos with opposite arrows, if you decide to do it, remember that this type of design symbolizes war, rivalry and the worst case, heartbreak.

Broken Arrow

Contrary to the opposite arrows, the broken arrow means the end of the war, the end of rivalry, it symbolizes peace, it is a representative way of expressing that the fight has ended and peace reigns.

Arrows set

When we look at these designs with arrows tattoos of various sizes or grouped, they represent strength, teamwork and physical ability, many times these tattoos are used by athletes to show off that they are the best.

Most common areas to get tattooed

In the arm

An arrow tattoo looks great anywhere on the body, you can choose almost any space on your body to tattoo these incredible lines turned into arrows, however, keep in mind that it must be small and simple so that they can be better appreciated. , remembering that the simple makes the extraordinary.

On the side

A very intimate and sexy part of getting an arrow tattoo is the side, because of the space of the body, they are really impressive, very common for lovers of drawings on the skin.

In the back

There is no doubt that one of the best places to make arrow tattoos is in the center of the back, here you can be more daring with the realization of a more extravagant design, you can even play with geometric figures to give the tattoo more eye-catching

Finally, we have to bear in mind that the arrows are straight lines, so we must choose a place where they look like this to transmit the message that we really want, remembering that our ancestors used arrows as a privilege, for their protection and food.

The arrows are really beautiful that is why we must look for a place that we can wear them so that everyone can see how extraordinary they are, dare to tattoo an arrow that represents your strength, and the constant rhythm of your life, always remembering that we tattoo ourselves because our drawings they mean something, never get tattooed for fashion.

It should also be noted that arrow tattoos are symbols of love when we think a little about Cupid, so think about the reason that motivates you to make a design of extraordinary lines called arrows.