47 Original Pigeon Tattoos

Pigeon tattoos are a type of tattoo that has been widely used today thanks to…

Pigeon tattoos are a type of tattoo that has been widely used today thanks to history and what they represent. In this way, it is possible to represent pigeons in various ways and in various places on the body.

Dove tattoos are usually used mainly by guys, but it is also possible to find feminine designs. In any case, the most common places for these tattoos are on the shoulders, back, arms, and ankles.

Meaning of pigeon tattoos

Dove tattoos can have various meanings like love, harmony, family, hope, revival, and even victory. These birds are also responsible for representing company, monogamy, and compassion.

For this reason, it is very common that in addition to being used in tattoos, these birds are used in situations such as marriages, as well as in religion, they also find their meaning, since they represent the love of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, if it is about history, pigeons also have their important role. In Aztec mythology, this usually represents the goddess of love and the mother of men, as well as the belief that whoever dies, became a bird.

Finally, in Greek mythology these birds also have an important role, representing the seven daughters of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility; they were known as the Pleiades.

Types of pigeon tattoos

When taking care of representing various elements, dove tattoos can be designed in different ways to represent specific aspects among those mentioned above, which will also vary according to each person.

Pigeons with feathers

These are in charge of specifically representing the freedom that these birds have in their flights, as well as representing autonomy and independence. Generally these tattoos describe a flock of birds taking flight or, already in the air.

Pigeons in couple

This type of dove tattoos are responsible for representing the self-love that a person can contain within himself, it also symbolizes protection towards our person and fidelity (and also protection) towards our partner.

Doves with flowers

In addition to the central meaning that doves have, they can complement this meaning with that of other elements such as flowers. Accompanied by them, these tattoos can represent beauty, divinity, tenderness and delicacy.

Doves with flowers

As we mentioned, pigeons are birds that can be complemented with various elements. In this case, when the dove tattoos are complemented with keys, these will represent wisdom to face any problem that arises.

Carrier pigeons

Homing pigeons have been used for centuries to communicate messages over long distances, pigeons have a very good memory and know how to always return to their loft. These pigeons are represented carrying a letter or a small scroll rolled up and tied to their legs.

White doves of peace

These doves are characterized by being white and carrying an olive branch in its beak, it has a biblical origin so these doves have always symbolized understanding between cultures.

Where to get a pigeon tattoo?

Finding a space for pigeon tattoos is extremely simple, since they are birds that can be designed according to what you want to represent, thus being small and according to the style that attracts the most attention.

In this way, they are tattoos that can be made in large areas such as the arms, shoulders or back, as well as in smaller areas such as behind the ear and even in a reduced size on the ankles or ribs.