90 Bracelet Tattoos For Men and Women

The armbands are very beautiful, classic tattoo designs that are gaining a lot of popularity…

The armbands are very beautiful, classic tattoo designs that are gaining a lot of popularity today. These tattoos were at the top around 10-15 years ago and are still the most desired tattoo models.

Classic armband tattoos

They are called “Bracelet Tattoos” because they simulate a bracelet, which is nothing more than something around an arm or ankle.

Although they were very fashionable before, they are still one of the usual resources when choosing a good tattoo.

We have one of the largest armband photo galleries on the net:

When talking about bracelets we are not only referring to tattoos made on the arms. But to any tattoo that surrounds any part of your body, although it is more usual in the extremities, either the arm or the leg, but also in the neck or the waist. The wrist or ankle areas are very common.

These bracelet tattoos can give an aesthetic style very different from what we are used to seeing. The innovations in this tattoo design are very numerous, originality is very important so that they look in a special way.

Be it small details that personalize a classic drawing, or new ideas that are much less seen and more original.

If you have a partner and you want to get a tattoo for couples, you can each make a bracelet to symbolize your union. Without a doubt, tattoos to get very original on your arm.

Know the main meanings of these tattoo designs for most of the people. These are the most popular among bracelet designs:

Barbed wire

Although this tattoo can have several meanings, most of them are related to pain. For example, decades ago prisoners of war had a tattoo of barbed wire so they could be identified.
For Christians, this symbolizes the pain that their savior endured on his behalf.
It was a classic Old School tattoo among the toughest guys in the neighborhood. One of the favorites among bracelet tattoos for men.
Among the celebrities of the 90s who made this type of tattoos fashionable was Pamela Anderson.

Celtic knot

This type of tattoo usually refers to the bond of love, especially when more than one route is interwoven with another. The Celtic knot is an ancient design that is used to personify something that has no end like love or humanity.
The illusion created by the paths that are continuously interconnected has a special hypnotic effect. This type of effect is not only associated with symbolic meaning but also provides a splendid visual effect.


This tattoo style is widely seen in the new hipster fashion and they are beautiful tattoos, they are also a very modern model, it is so minimalist that the sense that it can be given has nothing more than the aesthetic sense of pure and simple posture. The favorite among bracelet tattoos for women.
It never ceases to surprise, that something being of a nihilistic style, rampages in such a way that it is already part of the mandatory collections in all the tattoo shops in the world. If you are a hipster you definitely need one!


This is another style of armband tattoo design that is very different from the usual armbands you often see. They are the best option when you are looking for a very feminine bracelet.
If what you want is to have a unique piece on your skin, abstract tattoos or geometric design tattoos are always super original. The abstract tattoo should be considered as a unique work that the tattoo artist must create without prior references. This will ensure that your tattoo is unique and will not resemble anyone else’s.


This style has the most obvious meaning, a chain called a slave says it all. The bracelet tattoos that use a chain design speak to us of being united to what we represent in the design.
They can be hearts, skulls, the death of a loved one or any other element. They belong to the most outdated designs among the bracelets.

There are many other styles of tattoos for all kinds of tastes:

Tribal Bangles, Maori Bangles, Roman Bangles, Aztec Bangles, Mayan Bangles, Indian Bangles … etc.