90 Old Clock Tattoos

Welcome to our galleries with the best photos of incredible clock tattoos. Browse all of…

Welcome to our galleries with the best photos of incredible clock tattoos. Browse all of them and find the tattoos that you like the most among thousands of tattoos. On our huge website with more than 15 GB of images, you will find the most original on the Internet.

It will be good for you to study what ideas, styles or designs favor you the most when it comes to tattooing. A tattoo is something very important that you will surely wear for a lifetime. Think carefully about what you want to tattoo, look at all the tattoo images that you have time to see before deciding on a specific design.

Meaning of clock tattoos

A clock tattoo means the passage of time. It can also be linked to other aspects such as death, life or even love. And the fact that you choose to get a tattoo with a clock on your skin can have multiple meanings, as many as you want to give them yourself.

But the watch is mainly associated with the passing of life and the saying “to capture” each moment. However, they can also have a specific meaning for each person, since there are those who get a tattoo marking a specific time which means something important to them.

Therefore, depending on the aspects you highlight or the clock you choose, you will improve one or the other meaning. These are tattoos loaded with symbolism and spirituality. If there is a clock that is more in demand for a tattoo for its design and beauty, it is those of old clocks.

Antique clock tattoos are differentiated by their unusual and vintage style which gives them a beautiful and elegant touch. The clock is an invention of man to be able to measure time, since it can be very relative. And this without a doubt is one of the most beautiful and sensible designs that you can choose from.

The designs of a watch have a deep meaning since they represent the passage of time in which we each lose 1 second. There are countless options for antique clock tattoos, one of them could be an hourglass, this is also an ancient and beautiful model, with great meaning.

The perfect location for the pocket watch tattoo is on the arm. You can embody a full sleeve design or a half sleeve design. It should be noted that tattoos are used by both sexes, and their meaning is very deep, since as we all know, clocks measure time, it represents transformation.

Clocks in sets with flowers or roses represent life, while accompanied by a skull represents the time each person has on earth,

There are also designs with hourglasses that represent balance or duality, the possibility that the situations we live in are completely reversed and therefore if you feel bad it can change completely and if you are well you should enjoy it to the fullest.

Most fashionable clock tattoos

Clock tattoos may be one of the most innovative designs of the last two years. These tattoos that are capable of being elaborated in multiple designs, remembering that there are needle, hourglass, wall, digital, antique clocks, among others. The passage of time, something that no one can escape. In our current time-driven societies, nothing represents us more than a clock.

These tattoos are in high demand by a large part of the Latin American and European population, especially the latter, where many wish to have the image of Big Ben, which is the great clock of London, a cultural symbol of England, embodied on their skin.

Old watches

Ancient clocks represent time which is one of the things that has always fascinated human beings the most. And it is uncontrollable, it is beyond our power, we cannot stop it or accelerate it, and it affects us all. That is why antique clock tattoos have an unmatched beauty, reflecting mystery. Being a very attractive design for man.

Clocks are a way of capturing the passage of time on your skin, once time passes before us there is no going back. Each person’s time can be reflected in a timeless tattoo.

For everyone who knows some history and culture, one of the oldest clocks is the famous Aztec culture sundial, this is a really popular design, where it is given a realistic tattoo style, in this way it is gives the tattoo that modern touch of today’s tattoos.

Pocket watches

This may be one of the most common in the world, who does not like the image of a classic pocket watch, those watches that fit in the palm of the hand, many of these watches have their initials in Roman numerals and hands in the style of old London, all this in order to show the most sophisticated of a watch.


After pocket watches, hourglasses are next on the list of favorites, the male population has managed to make hourglass tattoos on the chest, back and shoulders fashionable. There are many who give details inside the clock, changing the sand for blood or any other substance.

Open clocks

The disassembled watches, where all the gears and nuts that make up the structure of an authentic watch are displayed. Many have a taste for such a tattoo to reflect the importance of all the pieces working together for a system to work.

Big Ben Clock

This is an image or cultural symbol of the inhabitants of England, this majestic clock is not only a historical piece of this country, in turn, it is considered a work of art and as you well know, the ink on the skin is already part of it. of the artistic.

Clocks with owls

Clocks, especially old clocks, are a representation of wisdom, control and order, just as the owl is, this animal is the perfect combination for clock tattoos, especially if you are book lovers, a tattoo like this it reflects much of your personality and tastes.

Watches with roses

Clock tattoos with roses can be found in the surrealist style (the most requested style in recent years) or in the traditional American style. In the 70s and 80s, this image was in great demand by the American population.

Clocks with skulls

Like watches complemented with roses, by adding a skull you can have a great traditional American design, while the base figure of the watch is molded to the skull of the skull or some other part of it, you will get a unique and realistic design.

Among the advantages of these tattoos, in addition to their large number of designs and styles, is that they are capable of looking excellent in any part of the body, especially the designs of old watches with a round structure, which perfectly mold to a pectoral, a arm, calf, forearm, back, ribs, hips, even neck.