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fotos de tatuajes con significado familiar

Currently the tattoos are not happening at all unnoticed and they are already a great fashion on the rise. You just have to look around to notice it. There are many people who, through these designs engraved on their skin, try to express something of their personality, their motivations or their concerns in life.

The reasons for getting a tattoo can be varied. While for some people tattooing becomes an addiction, they pretend to fill each part of the body with ink, for others they can have a meaning tattoo or they just do it to seduce. In fact, for some tattoos can be a source of excitement, this is known as stigmatofilia.

Among these tattoos we can highlight those that symbolize the great bonds of friendship or the union of the family that are the most commonly used. Without forgetting those who symbolize freedom, love between mother and daughter or even a special date like the birth of a child, the date you met the love of your life and the date of your wedding.

You can also choose references based on the animal world, books, movies, anime … even comics according to the variety of hobbies you have. Sometimes look for something deep that has a meaning that can only be understood if you are asked first by fans of a movie, a singer or your favorite hobbies and hobbies.


Types of meanings for tattoos

These are some of the most popular tattoos with meaning in tattoo parlors.

Fenix ​​Bird Tattoo (Phoenix)

The mythology that narrates before Ancient Egypt says that the Fenix ​​Bird resurfaces from its own ashes. This means that among its magical powers was that of reincarnation, with all the symbolism and meaning that can be transmitted through a tattoo like this. Among the other powers of the Fenix ​​Bird was control over fire. Well, it was actually a bird engulfed in flames, immortal and with a force over natural.

When someone looks for something with a meaning, they often look for something that represents a drastic change in their life. Like a personal rebirth, perhaps behind a loss of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship. That feeling of anger, guilt and helplessness can often be used to redirect our own lives.

Tattoos with the point and the comma

The semicolon is used to separate two independent sentences that maintain a close semantic relationship. But when it is embodied in the skin, it has a totally different meaning: the importance of believing that this is not the end but a new beginning.

Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly is a precious insect that has certain difficulties to get out of its cocoon. It symbolizes beauty, metamorphosis, rebirth, change. In Japanese culture, the butterfly represents the soul of oneself, for the Chinese two butterflies together make reference to love. Butterflies are a good idea to find tattoo designs for women.

Tattoo Om

The Om is the most essential symbol of Hinduism of all, it is one of the most sacred mantras in the Hindu Dharma which means unity with the supreme, the mixture of the spiritual with the physical. As a tattoo, this deep and powerful symbol refers to life and the entire universe. It is a beautiful symbol that looks great as a tattoo.

Tattoos with the phases of the moon

The phases of the moon represent life itself in different situations. They also represent how it is gradually changing, just like life. Tattooing the phases of the moon is a reminder of how we should get used to changes constantly. And is that after all, whatever happens the moon will come back the next night. If you are looking for small tattoos maybe a small and discreet moon is great.

Dragonfly tattoos

These nice insect tattoos for some are very nice because of their fascinating nature. They have a range of colors that gives a lot of play when it comes to tattooing something original and striking. Having a tattooed dragonfly feels considerably feminine, a tattoo for women. This is because of how delicate and beautiful these insects are.

In Native American culture they were deified by believing that the souls of their ancestors dwelled there. The dragonflies for them symbolized good luck, nature, purity, power, prosperity, harmony, transformation, as well as victory.

Tattoos with signs of the zodiac

Although they are not suitable for the vast majority of people who are skeptical of esoteric issues. For those who are not skeptical, few tattoos have as much meaning for oneself as the zodiacal signs. In general, people usually tattoo their own zodiac sign or their ascendant. However, sometimes, it is also possible that someone will also be tattooed next to yours someone important in your life. As for example your partner, best friend, son / daughter, father, mother, grandparents or a family member.

Tattoo with family meaning

Tattoos with family meaning are the most sought after. Since it is something recurrent and natural to want to tattoo something that reminds us of our relatives and loved ones. From self-portraits of photographs, to small details that remind us of those people. Some also dare to tattoo their pets, because in the end they are one more in our family.

You can tattoo some small reference to that person’s favorite movie. His favorite food, a phrase he used to say, his initials or his name. The range of possibilities is immense when it comes to remembering good family moments.

When some people have children, they feel the unstoppable desire to express their joy by getting a tattoo. A tattoo with the most special meaning that exists, remember that there is a person who is part of you and hopes to see you again when you get home. In these cases the most recurrent is tattooing their names, a pacifier, a bottle, a crib or something similar.

When marrying or believing to have found true love. They also usually look for this type of tattoos that express how much we are in love with our partner. Maybe a heart with a date inside or something that symbolizes an important day for both of us. But if your case is reciprocal and your partner also wants to tattoo something, I recommend visiting the gallery of tattoos for couples. So you can find interesting ideas and find a good tattoo.


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