105 Tattoos For Couples In Love

Welcome to our photo gallery with hundreds of tattoos for couples. Discover the most original…

Welcome to our photo gallery with hundreds of tattoos for couples. Discover the most original tattoos for couples, only suitable for true lovers. Browse our pages and find the tattoos for couples that you like the most. With a single click you can access any image from our multimedia servers. Hundreds of images with color tattoos for daring couples who need to symbolize how much they love each other.

The ideas to unite two people through a beautiful tattoo for couples are many, here we leave you images of tattoos that will not leave you indifferent and hopefully give you some new idea to consolidate your true love story.

Symbolism of tattoos for couples

More and more couples are encouraged to express their love in the form of ink. In general, they are usually couples with very clear things because today it is no longer so rare to tattoo the name of another person or a reference to love for her, before it was considered a real madness that most ended up regretting with the passage of the years.

Today it is still an idea that you have to think twice very well before carrying it out. But hey, if fate ends up separating you and the tattoos for couples are not very big, you can always cover it with another. Or in the worst case, erase it with a few laser sessions. Or you can just leave it there if you don’t mind.

Love is always a matter of two, but it is known that it is seldom eternal and forever. If you have just met your romantic partner, I do not advise you at all to get tattoos for couples, much less to try to make someone fall in love.

A small tattoo that symbolizes how much you love your partner is rarely received badly by the other party, it is a way of showing you with facts how much you care about your partner.

A tattoo for couples is something symbolic: such as an emblematic date, the name of a common child. It is always something that represents a very important moment in the life of the couple that is tattooed to also remember the other person when they are not around. If you share with your partner most of your tastes, hobbies and all the love they feel for each other, why not also share a special couple tattoo with which they feel identified and more united than ever?

Tattoo ideas for romantic couples

And it is that taking that important step of getting tattooed with a lover is an act of love and healthy madness that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. To get this type of tattoos it is better to meditate quietly and be completely sure that you want to unite your lives through the ink tattooed on your body skin.

Not only romantic couples decide to get a tattoo that links them forever, it is also very common among best friends, siblings, father and son or any emotional bond that deserves to be remembered every time we look at our skin.

However, some couples like to take the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” very literally when paying homage to their soul mate on their wrists. Anyone can say “I do”, but it takes a lot of courage and assurance to make this permanent testimony of your love.

These couples must be really sure that they have found their better half. This is how we show you some tattoo ideas for couples so that you begin to think about which is the ideal one for you and your partner. Are you really willing to do this crazy thing?

Other tattoo designs for couples

There are many tattoo ideas for couples in love, here we show you an assortment of proposals you may be interested in tattooing both:

  • Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, this tattoo can be represented with a colored back tattoo for these bride and groom who are true Disney fans.
  • Small tattoos on the fingers where the date in Roman numerals that they got engaged or when they got married or some important date can appear.
  • Tattoos for fans of computers or gamers, where the connection of a USB port is represented. And how much they need each other.
  • Tattoos with meaning to open the door of your heart where a key and a heart with the lock to open are enhanced when they are close.
  • Romantic tattoos where creativity and imagination are the order of the day, tattooing the infinity symbol that represents the love that they have for a lifetime.
  • Tattoos of pairs of animals, such as a lion and a lioness that besides being the species considered “king of the jungle” is a very protective species with their own, the lionesses in addition to being great hunters are capable of risking their lives to Save your cubs from the dangers of the savannah.
  • Tattoos with a short phrase written on the wrists that can represent both the king and the queen of this marriage or couple.
  • Tattoos of little birds that sway in their love nest when the wrists of the couple in love are joined.
  • Heart tattoos why there is nothing that symbolizes the love of a couple more than a good pair of beautiful hearts.
  • Musical tattoos for couples who love music, either because they play an instrument or because they cannot live far from new musical successes. A note, an instrument, a verse or a chorus.
  • Medieval tattoos that symbolize a romanticism beyond their political ideas, such as crowns, ladies and gentlemen or princesses and princes.
  • Cupid tattoos for the cheesiest or for lovers of Roman mythology. According to mythology, Cupid was the god of desire to defaulter born of Venus (goddess of love) and Mars (god of war). Curious right? That is why they say that the dearest loves are the most contested. He is represented as a small winged cherub armed with a quiver of arrows and a bow.
  • The initials of your partner are always something very recurrent, but with a few strokes of originality they can be incredible giving them a more minimalist vibe.