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tatuaje de calavera rockeraSkull tattoos have always been one of the most requested designs by Art Tattoo fans. Many question this design to be a symbol of death or creepy. But it is also a design very used by the singers of Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal or the more gothic people. For that reason we know that the skulls are not suitable for all kinds of people. To some it transmits bad roll, fear or disgust, while to others it causes an authentic cult, devotion and fascination.

It does not matter if you are male or female, skull tattoos will look great on your arms, your legs or your hips . You can enhance it with a piercing to give it a more rocker touch. Realize it only in black or play with other colors so your tattoo is not so scary. The skulls combine with other designs such as flowers, leaves, fire flames and everything that inspires you to express yourself. Some urban tribes tattooed their skulls and identified with other subcultures. It is a form of exaltation to the mysteries of death. On the Day of the Dead, in Mexico, the skulls are an emblem of the tradition of honoring the deceased.

For that occasion it is worth to wear tattoos of ornate skulls like the Katrinas. Despite being a taboo subject, death is a subject that is very much treated in music, in painting, literature and also in body art. Skull tattoos are not only an emblem of death. They also represent the positive side of it, as the passage to eternity. Each person gives the representation they choose according to their philosophy or religion. Death has always been a theme of inspiration for many cultures.

The best designs of skull tattoos

craneo gracioso

Skulls, skulls and skeletons are very versatile designs that combined with other drawings can represent thousands of things. They can be worn on the arms, chest and even on the fingers. These are the tattoo designs of skulls that always set trends.

Skull with fire

This skull tattoo design is ideal for lovers of rock & roll or heavy metal. And of all those who see their inspiration in the infernal like some biker bands. You can tattoo everything in black or paint the skull and fire flames to give a more realistic touch. It can be complemented with piercings to have an even harder appearance.

Pirate Skull

If you want to leave the subject of death but do not want to stop wearing your skull tattoos, you can adopt the pirate style. Tatúate a skull with bones that you can combine with several dark colors and grotesque designs. It is ideal for men who work in the sea, beaches or docks. And in general for those who want to reaffirm their virility, show a rogue side or demonstrate strength and character in their group.

Day of the Dead Skull (Katrinas)

tatuaje de cráneo indígena

Followers of this Mexican tradition should try this design on their body. It usually consists of a woman’s skull with symmetrical and abstract figures. These types of skulls are known as Katrinas, they can be made in various colors and combined with flowers. It is a very original way of always honoring your loved ones who left for the next life.

Smiling skull

This design can be a burlesque representation of death or a symbol that we should not fear death because it is not our enemy, but a transitory process through which we all pass. You can do it in dark colors or add nuances of blue and red and combine it with figures such as stars or geometric figures.

Skull with hearts

Love and death are two opposite poles but they can also go hand in hand. The tattoos of skulls combined with hearts are a very original design, you will like both the romantic and the most sinister people. You can combine a skull with red hearts or tattoo a skull enclosed in a bloody heart. It is very common to see also skeleton tattoos or skulls that represent the union of a marriage, until death separates them.

Skull with roses

tatuaje de calavera con mariposas en color

Another romantic design that mitigates the tenebrous. Skull tattoos with roses are among tattoo designs of skulls. You can combine it with red or white roses and play with sizes and positions. It looks great on both the arms and the fingers, the legs or the back.

Calavera with roses and butterflies

Skull tattoos with roses and butterflies are also a trend-setting design. The combination of a skull with roses and butterflies symbolizes the transition from the soul to eternity. You can tattoo several butterflies fluttering around the skull and the roses.

Calavera with peace symbol

This original skull tattoo represents the search for the peace of the souls that have left the body. The symbol of peace can be nuanced with the colors of your liking. The moral of seeing what will remain of us at the end of our lives. Think about it, it really makes no war worth it.

Calavera with Cross

This tattoo is perfect for those who love the Gothic style or who see death from a religious perspective. A good idea is to tone it with silver and dark tones. It is common to see skulls with hanging rosaries or crosses crossed.

Calavera con serpiente

This design could well represent the biblical passage where Adam and Eve transgress God’s norm of not eating of the forbidden tree, induced by the serpent. You can design the snake surrounding the skull, under it, even coming out of the mouth.

Advantages of skull tattoos

tatuaje de cráneo de colores

The tattoos of skulls are a design that never goes out of style and admits any other decorative design. The skulls not only represent the negative side of death, nor the creepy. If they are combined with other designs they can be given a more positive and realistic meaning. It is an ideal design for all genres and ages.

It has always been the symbol of many urban tribes and rock singers, making it a perfect option for young rebels who want to have their own style. Skulls can be combined with any other figure according to the style and perception of death who takes them. They give personality and style to those who like to tattoo their bodies.

With only a skull you can create wonderful works of art in your body. The key is imagination, creativity and putting yourself in the hands of a good professional. The second step is to design the tattoo accurately. After that you can have the most controversial symbol in the part of your body that you choose.

If you have difficulty choosing your tattoo design think of something you want to associate with death and plasm it in your body. Use your imagination to express yourself through tattoos and you will have your own business card in your neighborhood, your university or in your group of friends.

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