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Perro tatuado en el hombro


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tatuaje de perro
Tattooed dog in color

Dogs are animals that, throughout ancient and modern history, have always been close to man, showing themselves as faithful companions; In fact, this is their main virtue, fidelity. This factor is considered of great importance because they are a great company for us.

To give them a special place in our lives, it is possible to make a dog tattoo that represents the union between the pet and its owner. In almost all cultures, the dog is a symbol of loyalty, and we consider it important, that is why we should not think twice about getting a dog tattoo.

Therefore, this tattoo is for those who own a canine at home, considering it as a member of the family, and for those who feel identified with the values ​​that the animal brings with it. Many think that domestic animals become not only faithful companions or inseparable friends, but also in family members.

For those who do not have this type of animal, it is not easy to understand the special relationship and the very close bonds that are created with our four-legged friend. For those who have one, a tattoo that represents him will have a special meaning, since It will be considered much more than a simple animal.


Meanings of dog tattoos

Caras de perro tatuadas en el bíceps
Dog faces tattooed on the biceps

We must not forget the meaning that a tattoo of a dog can have beyond if we own it as a pet, it also usually represents loyalty, strength, determination and bonds of friendship with a group of people. We want to remind you that a dog is not only represented through a tattoo on the face and on the whole body, but there is another way to do it: it is becoming more popular and it is that of the prints.

So, if we want to tattoo something related to our dog, both for its meaning, as To show the bond that unites us, we can resort to the design of the footprints. This is another very original way of transmitting the same message using a slightly different figure.

The dog is man’s best friend. This animal usually elicits sympathy and tenderness. In a tattoo represents loyalty, friendship, honesty, loyalty and protection. We find thousands of races in many parts of the body. Let’s take a look at this gallery.Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

Those who love dogs would do anything to shout to the whole world how deep is the feeling they feel for their beloved pet, who, among other things, feels for your two-legged friends an unconditional love that we will never try with anyone else … Unconditional love for your pet canine represented on the skin

Have you ever imagined celebrating the given love, and especially the love received, from your pet with an indelible gesture and Timeless as a tattoo? If the answer is yes, it’s time to leave room for all the tattoos dedicated to our dog pets.

Here, then, a series of dog tattoos dedicated to our canine friends: they understand us and love us in every moment of their lives! Often, the most faithful friends are those who have hair, and what is born with them is a real bond. We do not want to leave out any kind of love, and we have compiled for you some of the best proposals to represent your best friend in your skin.

Styles and ideal sites for dog tattoos

Perro tatuado en el hombro
Dog tattooed on the shoulder

For those who prefer discretion, fine lines and stylized forms are a refined but elegant solution, with the possibility of choosing hidden or unusual areas. Your dog’s leg can be reproduced and represented behind the ear, inside the wrist, between the fingers of the hand or enriched with symbols and details, like hearts or letters. Even the name he has chosen for him can be done in different styles, from a sinuous italic to an old school with a strong visual impact.

The bravest, however, will not be frightened by a portrait, in black and white or in color . For a large tattoo, the legs, arms and shoulders represent some of the ideal areas so that you do not have to put aside any details, play with shadows and colors.

Dog tattoo requests are constantly increasing and in many places the The world celebrates the day of the tattoo for the mascot, a campaign to which, many tattoo artists have participated in the proposed initiatives by tattooing legs and footprints at advantageous prices, and donating the funds to the charity, on behalf of the welfare associations animal that work in the front of the adoptions.

So, what are you waiting to show the affection you have for your dog and immortalize a part of it in your skin with a little ink? If you need some ideas, take a look at our gallery and take advantage of the recommendations we offer about original dog tattoos.

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