90 Lion King Tattoos

Access our gallery of tattoos with the characters of the Lion King. Browse between the…

Access our gallery of tattoos with the characters of the Lion King. Browse between the internal pages of the gallery while looking for the tattoos that you like the most. It is important that you see many different styles and designs before choosing. Don’t waste any more time here below you have all the photos.

Know the meaning of the Lion King tattoos

During people’s childhood, it is very common for cartoons to mark their lives forever. A song, a character, an element can represent something very valuable. The Lion King is a film that undoubtedly marked the life of an entire generation, and even in today’s sunshine it continues to do so.

Many of the fans have chosen to immortalize the fond memories of the film through the Lion King tattoos, embodying on the skin the characters of Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Timon, Pumba, Rafiki and perhaps even Skar, who is considered one of the most charismatic villains of Disney. The phrase Hakuna Matata is also one of the favorites when choosing a tattoo related to this famous movie.

The lion king tattoos are basically drawings that are reflected on the skin with ink, which in most cases reflects or represents an episode that marked the life of the person who has said tattoo.

There are times when people get tattooed simply for fashion, or because they liked a design they saw on an Internet page, and this is completely valid, since there are tattoos that are completely fascinating to look at.

There are others who get tattoos because they feel identified with a movie, this is the case of people who get tattoos of the Lion King. Everyone at some point in our lives has seen this wonderful movie from the world of Disney.

There are fans who know and even the dialogues of the film, and although they have objects in their houses that are representative of the Lion King, many times it is not enough and they decide to embody the characters on their skins, or simply some representative phrase of the plot.

Perhaps the most famous phrase in the film is Hakuna Matata, and this has given rise to a large number of tattoo designs on different parts of the body. We have to be clear that this phrase means “don’t worry” or it can also refer to “don’t worry, be happy”.

It is enough to understand what this means, to realize the value that the famous phrase has for a fan of the Lion King. That is why, if someone who is going through difficult times or if he had a learning of something bad, Hakuna Matata would be a perfect tattoo to always remember him.

Another of the famous phrases that the followers of this film tattoo is Remember Who Are You, which translated into Spanish means “Remember Who You Are”. At first glance they are excellent phrases that we can remember and that will make us feel better emotionally, whether we are fans of this movie or not.

Now, the tattoos of the Lion King that involve his characters can have other meanings, some of the most representative characters in the film are Simba, Mufasa, Nala, Rafiki, Skar, Timon and Pumbaa. The relationship of many of them can mean something for fans, friendship, family, or to commemorate some sad event.

The famous scenes are also excellent ideas when it comes to wanting to make a Lion King tattoo. One of them is the scene of the log where Simba, Timon and Pumbaa stroll, another would be the love scene between Simba and Nala, or the scene where the stampede is seen that tragically ends the life of Mufasa.

Lion symbolism in tattoos

Lions have been used in tattoos as a way to represent courage, strength and courage, given the character that they possess. Many cultures, especially those that originate from the African continent, still consider it to be a sacred animal today.

In ancient Egypt it was considered a symbol of power, and according to the information that could be collected, they also enslaved small groups of these ferocious animals for different purposes.

For its part, for Christianity it also meant a lot, since there was a time when the lion represented Jesus Christ, however, some time later it came to represent Saint Mark.

The lion is also oriented towards the zodiac, and many people are fans of tattooing the leo symbol, which are passionate, generous and territorial people, something that also characterizes lions.

The Lion King tattoos can reflect not only the union between the characters in the film, but also characterize precisely what a lion itself means within the fascinating world of tattoos.