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Tatuaje en el Gemelo de ave fénix en color
Phoenix bird tattooed on the calf

Currently, tattoos on the calf or calf are in fashion, more and more individuals are betting to capture a tattoo on this area of the body. In addition, it stands out for being an effective area to be tattooed for various reasons, which you will know in this article.

The calf is a piece that focuses on the back of the leg, right in the area between the heel and the knee. Due to its location, it is visible to others, but not to the person wearing the tattoo. In short, it is a fairly common place to get tattooed.

Why do the calf tattoos get a lot of attention?

What is special about the tattoos in the calfs, is their shape, because in it you can place designs with oval, spherical and of a certain size. At the same time, they can be easily hidden, because it is an inconspicuous area and can be disguised with a dress or long pants. If you have doubts about the size of the tattoo to be made.

The ideal thing is to opt for a small sketch and in the lower or upper part of the calf, because if in the future he thinks about tattooing the entire leg, he should adapt to the piece that he wears in the calf. On the other hand, it stands out for curing quickly and is an area that is not exposed much to the sun.


The calf tattoos Do they hurt or not?

Tatuajes en el Gemelo leon
Lion tattooed on the calf

Nothing to see, the pain scale of the tattoos on the calf is most grateful, because it is a very fleshy area. However, if the tattoo is close to the knee area, you will feel some lashes of pain, which are a bit intense but bearable. The back and side of the cufflinks is comfortable, both for the tattoo artist and for the client.

Therefore, the pain depends solely on the position in which the person who is tattooed is placed. In short, it is a part of the human body in which a lower level of pain is appreciated.

What are the most popular tattoos for calfs?

Tatuaje marinero en el gemelo
Sailor tattoo

What are the most popular tattoos for calfs? It is a unisex area, however, tattoos in this area are almost always chosen by men and rarely by women. Among the most popular for men are black and white, tribal illustrations, letters, inscriptions, realistic images, skulls and biomechanics.

On the other hand, as women are much more delicate, tattoos are more popular and bring beauty, they are hearts, flowers and trees, especially those that combine striking colors.


What care should these tattoos have?

If finally, he dares to get a tattoo on the calfs. So that it heals much better, do not start any crust and do not wear tight clothing until it heals, so that the tattoo is not erased or damaged.

It is advisable only to cover the tattoo with film when there is danger of friction, the rest of the time is better to let it heal in the air.

Avoid direct sun rays on the tattoos during the first 3 weeks. Once cured try not to expose yourself for very long times to the sun and when you do use a protective cream. Taking all this into account, what do you expect to get your calf tattooed?



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