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foto de tatuaje en la espalda para mujeres
Girl with tattoo on her back

With the passing of days tattoos are accepted more and more within society, but there are still people who try to stay on the sidelines on the subject. If you are one of those people who love tattoos, but you try to go unnoticed and you want to keep it hidden if that opportunity comes, maybe you can consider getting a tattoo on your back. There are many designs and you may find one that I ended up liking you.

There is no doubt that the back is one of the best parts of the body to get a tattoo, and not only because the pain of being one is less, also by the fact that it will be discreet and you can hide it from others just by wearing a garment . In some cases it is extremely daring, for women and the care to keep it always in good condition is not usually so complicated.

Styles of tattoos on the back

The back is the perfect place to make excellent tattoos, even the area of the spine is usually the area where people do not get pain when they get a tattoo. If you have to weigh yourself up, you need to be careful with the design, because if you get to regret, believe me it will be in vain. For that reason, we will introduce you to four tattoo styles on the back that may convince you:

Watery tattoo style: this style is usually associated with portraits, where the tattooist uses shading techniques to highlight the features of the person or animal he has planned to tattoo. If you decide to opt for this design, it is important that you look for people with a lot of experience performing these types of tattoos.


Oriental style tattoos: it is a design where colors stand out and in each of them it hides a great story. The style design is led by the color black and then changing with strong colors such as red, green and orange.

tatuaje en la espalda de un hombre
Man with tattooed back

Backpiece style tattoos: a style that usually covers the entire back, is a sophisticated design and particularly use figures of wings, butterflies, trees, birds and others that are characterized by their large proportions. If you want your entire back to be covered with a tattoo, this style is the right option for you.


Tattoos messages: in this design where the tattoo is a message or a small phrase, whether learning or events that have marked a stage in your life. It is very popular these days between men and women, some choose to do it vertically and others horizontally.

Tattoos on the back for men

The back is the ideal area for a person to get a tattoo and mainly men. Well, aesthetics have a very important role when it comes to getting a tattoo on your back, it is a large place and can make man add a touch of sensuality to his physique. There are many designs and each of them with their meaning.

Tattoos on the back for women

It is possible that you are still not totally convinced about getting a tattoo on your back, there are many doubts you will have about it and it is probably the opposite of what you imagine. First of all, getting a tattoo on your back does not present any pain, mainly in the spine and offers many advantages, from hiding it if you do not want to avoid attracting attention by hiding it with clothes or even being daring. Inside our gallery we will give you some designs that you may like.

tatuaje en la espalda y la nuca
Boy with his back and the never tattooed


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