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foto de tatuaje en las costillas de un hombre
Angel Tattoo

You may be very keen to get a tattoo, however, you are afraid of the pain that many people talk about becoming one. Well, part of what they say is true, but it’s a kind of passable and transient pain. Then there are other problems such as: What would be the ideal area to get a tattoo? Well and for those cases the answer could be very simple. The tattoos on the ribs for men and women, is without a doubt the best alternative.

The advantage offered by these tattoos on the ribs is that they are easy to hide, covering them with some clothes that are used daily, and very striking when exposed, depending on the size of these. But always considering the design of the tattoo, because once done there is no going back and you can hardly erase it, it is advisable that the tattoo represents or symbolizes something very important in their lives.

What tattoo on the ribs?

There are different meanings for this type of tattoos, but they are usually related to lucky charms, promises between friends or boyfriends, animals that generate different sensations, birds that transmit freedom or those designs that capture dreams, and other skull designs that particularly They have different meanings.

In some cases people ask for tattoos on the ribs of hearts that are often related to love, or those classic designs seen in movies or books. Whatever the design has a meaning and here we will let you know some of them.

There are different designs to tattoo the ribs is to take the right one for you will depend on tastes and on the meanings that some of them may have.


tatuaje de ave fenix
Tattoo Phoenix โ€‹โ€‹in the ribs

Elephants Tattoo: It is a very popular design in Asia and particularly used to attract good luck, this design fits very well to the body of a person.

Phoenix Tattoo: It is a very popular tattoo and many people use it on the sides of the body, usually women. It means returning to start and be reborn after passing a difficult and complicated stage in the life of a person.

Tattoo wings: If you do not find the ideal design to represent freedom, the wings is the best alternative. You also have the option of using a guardian angel.

Wings that significantly transmit freedom in the air or have a guardian angel may be a good idea to get a tattoo.

Amulets Tattoos: This design model is usually represented in talismans and amulets that usually mean protection, and capture those negative dreams, to leave only positive ones.

Horseshoe tattoo: The meaning of this tattoo design on the ribs is nothing more than good vibes and good luck on a day-to-day basis.

Fire tattoos: The meaning of this tattoo model is the passion with which you face your days, the desire you put to the activities you perform in your work and study. Practically the vital energy of a person.


Skull Tattoos: They are the favorite among men when it comes to tattooing the ribs. It can mean that you are a person aware that in this life we โ€‹โ€‹are only passing, determined, tenacious, brave or maybe a heavy or gothic lover.

Tatuaje de amuletos
Tattoo of amulets in the ribs

Do the tattoos on the ribs hurt?

Knowing the pain a person can feel when performing a tattoo on the ribs of this type can be complicated.

Well, many times it depends on the pain tolerance a person has. And that has nothing to do with being very close to the bones, as there are people able to endure hours of sessions in areas very sensitive to pain. Although the area of โ€‹โ€‹the ribs is very painful. However, the size should be considered, if it is wide, possibly if it generates a lot of pain.

The pain experienced by people when performing a tattoo on the ribs depends on many factors, whether the design has curves or straight lines, any detail takes a very important role. For that reason, tattoo studios offer alternatives to make that experience less painful, often by means of sessions that can last several days with the sole purpose of not suffering.



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