90 Divine Fairy Tattoos

Welcome to our galleries with fairy tattoos, the largest on the Internet. But on our…

Welcome to our galleries with fairy tattoos, the largest on the Internet. But on our website there are more than 43,000 photographs with tattoos updated in 2021 and classified in more than 130 galleries.

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What does a fairy tattoo represent?

Fairy tattoos are the most chosen designs by women, this is because they are images that represent magic, romanticism and sensuality. These mythological beings are human in appearance with wings, female, who have an essential function to care for and protect nature.

Fairies are characterized by being cheerful and playful, delicate, but protective, as well as being very beautiful. Although they are a myth, for many people they represent great significance. His tattoos are represented either by silhouettes or figures with many human characteristics that characterize the mystical and visual powers of magic.

These tattoos are a great option for women, because they portray beauty and strength in a very simple way. Being very popular among teenagers, for transmitting innocence and youth. The art and design that these fairies represent goes hand in hand with the undeniable appeal of freedom.

As for its meaning, it is very varied, since it is closely related to the person who chooses it. Although in a very simple way, we will talk a little below, in order to help you when choosing one of these creatures, it is important to know which one can be related to you.

When you look at tattoos of fairies, sitting on flowers or mushrooms, this is related to the person and their desire for freedom. They also reflect emotions of sadness and difficulties that were overcome. Being chosen many times by women, as a reminder of the strength and ability to overcome adversity.

They also represent Youth: as fairies are always young and immortal, they are generally associated with renewal and adolescence. That is why fairy tattoos are made as a reminder of when they were young. They are sometimes seen as guardian angels, because of their innocence.

Highlights of fairy tattoos

These fairy tattoos are closely related to fantasy, since they represent the fantastic and magical. Therefore, having a fairy design associates you as a lover of the mystical, mysterious and literary. Considered by many, as a way to evade, leave reality and start over.

As fairies are protectors of nature and it is said that they lived in forests, they are an ideal image for environmental conservationists. So one way to identify with nature and love for mother earth is by using a fairy tattoo.

It is important to note that there are other types of meanings of fairy tattoos, which is related to the combination of symbols that are made. Among which we can highlight those that have a strong relationship with nature and the spiritual, the following being the most popular or common:

The Fairies that are made with butterfly wings, normally, symbolize beauty, freedom, the natural and innocence. They are based on transformation and rebirth, since in the wings of butterflies, changes of forms, closing of the cycle and the beginning of a new one are established.

When the image of fairies are related to darker features, such as Gothic, pain and anguish. They are symbolize, loss of simplicity or innocence. If you have skulls or your features are very challenging or challenging, then they reflect strength and determination.

If the image is based on cartoons, for example Tinkerbell, then we are visualizing youth and a good heart, supported by innocence. There is also talk of love for childhood, even when darker colors are assigned.

Fairy tattoos, which have sensual positions, represent the power of femininity. If you incorporate aspects such as flowers, fruits, among others, she is suggesting innocence with temptation. These tattoos are the most colorful, although sometimes they are seen in black and white.

The fairies that incorporate Celtic elements are very closely related to the pagan and spiritual. They are recognized for having dragons, flowers, and elements associated with mother earth.

The flower best known to many are the fairies with flowers, depending on the type of flower, the meaning changes. For example, if you have sunflowers, it can be associated with energy and life. If they are daisies, then one can speak of innocence and youth.

If it is accompanied by dragons, it symbolizes strength, united with nature, since the dragon represents the elements of nature (water, earth, air and fire).

In Japanese culture, these two elements are opposites, since the dragon is strength and power. The fairies represent the delicate and feminine.

Now that you know a little more about these emblematic characters, you can choose the best design. So get to work.