92 Dandelion Tattoos

Dandelion tattoos are the most popular, as this is a flower that has become the…

Dandelion tattoos are the most popular, as this is a flower that has become the first option for many women thanks to the different designs that can be made based on it, in addition to being considered a very beautiful flower.

Dandelion tattoos

Dandelion tattoos can take different meanings, all of them according to the experience or vision of each person. This flower, with the triangles and arrows, are one of the most popular designs made by women of different ages.

Dandelion is a very common flower that grows in wild and abundant environments that grows anywhere in the world. This is a flower whose petals are made up of different seeds.

This flower has healing and medicinal properties, it helps reduce cholesterol, helps detoxify the liver, eliminates toxins, among others. This flower is also considered magical as many know it for granting wishes.

In children, it is very common to hear the belief that, if this flower is blown hard with closed eyes, its petals (usually white or yellow) will fly away with the promise of granting a wish to whoever blows.

The dandelion is a flower that stands out for being beautiful when it blooms, since it is here when it stands out among the vegetation. It is characterized by having an ephemeral beauty since when it blows or there is wind, its petals fly.

Meaning of dandelion tattoos

Dandelion tattoos can have various meanings, among which it is a reminder to keep in mind the briefness of moments and of life itself. We must make the most of it before the wind of our life comes and blows us.

Being such a symbolic and simple flower, a tattoo of it can help to capture how short life is, the desire for freedom that lives in each person and the innocence or nostalgia for our past.


Youth is one of the main meanings of this flower, as well as innocence because this flower connects us with our childhood. With it we can return to our dreams and yearnings as children, just as it takes us to the time when we were happy.


This nostalgia will always be in relation to the past. As we mentioned, it helps us remember some experience lived in the past, as well as not forgetting our roots and where we are from.

Freedom and transformation

It is taken as freedom and transformation thanks to its seeds that fly. A lion flower blooms again and is beautiful when its petals germinate again. For this reason, it is a flower that represents in the best way what transformation is.

In this case, the symbolism that this flower adopts is that of the opportunity to free ourselves from those who oppress us or from conflicts and chaos to be able to fly free and without regrets.

The brevity of life

Dandelion tattoos are ideal to capture how in an instant life is beautiful and, before a breath, everything can change and transform; one day it may be a pretty yellow flower and the next it may be dry, so you have to enjoy life.

Spiritual meaning and legends

In addition to signifying positive things, dandelions can be associated with elements such as Norse legends. In these legends they believed that these flowers were fairies in disguise and hidden to avoid being walked on or hunted.

In the religious sphere, this flower represents the sacrifice and love of Jesus for all of us. She represents his ephemeral passage through the earth and all the transformation that it brought to earth.