90 Very Original Lotus Flower Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of images with more than 90 lotus flower tattoos that will…

Welcome to our gallery of images with more than 90 lotus flower tattoos that will leave you speechless. Exclusive designs of impressive tattoos that you will only find on this website. Browse through the images to see all the tattoos.

Meaning of lotus flower tattoos

Lotus flowers are a design that has been maintained since the beginnings of traditional tattooing in women. This design, which is among the most representative of the female sex because it is a sample of femininity and fertility, maintains its evolution in its designs, maintaining its essence of the lotus flower.

Flower tattoos in general are very striking designs, not very discreet and are currently very popular mainly among women. These tattoos are at the top among fitness models and influencers. Although they were less fashionable before, now it is one of the most common resources when choosing a good tattoo.

It is a tattoo that can give off class and beauty in any area of ​​the body, regardless of whether it is visible or if it is in a really hidden part of the body. The lotus flowers are capable of showing off regardless of the style that has been used in other areas.

Best areas of the body for lotus flower tattoos

Lotus flower tattoos are designs exclusively for women, rarely you will be able to visualize a man who has a flower of this type expressed on his skin, all this motivated by its main meaning linked to women, such as fertility.

However, sensitive and daring men have been able to get a lotus flower tattooed on his skin, all this to represent a tribute to his wife, mother or daughters.

These areas are the best for tattooing:

1.- Lotus flower on the chest: One of the best places to get a lotus flower tattooed is the chest of women, exactly between the breasts, when tattooing on this site, it is understood that it will have pure basic lines and they will lack color, but will abound in meaning.

Also, in the last three years, lotus flower designs have been displayed on men’s chests, as long as they are given a touch of mandala, avoiding light colors to preserve the style and seriousness that the male sex deserves. .

2.- Lotus flower on the back: The advantages of tattooing a design like this on the back is that you have the freedom to play with the sizes and colors, no matter what your decision is, the tattoo design will look excellent.

The lotus flower tattoos on the back have caused a stir in the tattoo world, because they can combine their design with that of the mandalas, having an exceptionally original result.

In the same way, the lotus flowers on the back have been visualized in a surrealist style, giving it that Asian touch that many like. While it can look excellent in the geometric style, where it will not only touch the theme of femininity but also the class and integrity of women.

3.- Lotus flower on the forearm: Many of the people who maintain a retro style or better known as an old school style, usually attach to their image a geometric style lotus flower tattooed on the skin, in this way they increase your perception of a retro image.

4.- Lotus flower on the calf: The lotus flower in this area of ​​the body is the favorite of men, in itself, tattoos on the calf tend to be clearly masculine regardless of whether it is a lotus flower. This can be seen in great style, while still representing what it is.

As you can see, lotus flowers are capable of looking excellent in much of your body. This is a requested design for those who do minimalist tattoos (very small tattoos), where the preferred sites of this tattoo are the ankle, below the ear or on the side of the wrist.