90 Tattoos For Real Friends

Welcome to our website with pictures of tattoos for friends. Browse through the other galleries…

Welcome to our website with pictures of tattoos for friends. Browse through the other galleries full of tattoos, to find the ones you like the most among thousands of them.

On our server you will find the most handsome and original of the entire network. It will help you to study what ideas, styles or designs you like the most when it comes to tattooing.

The best tattoos for friends today

A tattoo to represent friendship is something very important that you will surely wear throughout your life. Think carefully that you want to tattoo, look at all the images with tattoos that you have time to see before deciding on a specific design.

One of the reasons why they have increased the presence of tattoos is because of the motivation to get tattoos together or tattoos for friends. These tattoos basically consist of the same design or designs that complement each other, these tattoos can be between two or more people.

The links between friends deserve a tattoo, especially if one of the friends has to distance themselves for some professional, academic or family reason. These have become one of the most common reasons for getting a tattoo.

From the end of 2018 to the year 2021, tattoos for friends have managed to evolve from being a simple similar tattoo between more than one person, to being original tattoos that complement each other.

Among the tattoos for friends we can highlight:

1.- Yin yang tattoo: This tattoo can be one of the most common between friends, couples or siblings, taking into account what it represents and the complementary meaning that this symbol has, this tattoo is exclusively for two people, that is, it is can perform between two best friends.

Each one representing the complement of the other, for no one is a secret that there are different models of yin yang, where it can be the classic circle of Asian culture or a more personalized design can be attached such as a curved style of feathers, stars, hearts. or even animal faces.

2.- Continent tattoos: Sometimes, when the best friends are going to separate, a great idea for a tattoo for friends is the tattoos of the continents, each friend will have tattooed the continent where his friend will be, with the hope and expectation of meeting again sometime.

3.- Cartoon tattoos: These tattoos for friends are very peculiar, since they consist of each friend having the favorite character of their cartoon that represent them.

From the end of 2018 until so far in 2020, this type of tattoos of characters from the Simpsons, South Park, SpongeBob, Rocket Power, the Rugrats or famous characters from the anime world, such as Dragon Ball Z, have been displayed. Digimon, Pokemon, Yu Gi oh, Naruto, among others.

4.- Anchor tattoos: Although this tattoo has nothing innovative, it will always represent the strength and permanence of something dear, in this case we talk about friendship, repeatedly it has been possible to visualize groups of friends that are they embody a common anchor to symbolize their friendship.

5.- Tattoos of a chain of birds: This is a tattoo that is common when the group of friends is more than three people, in this way they can make a large chain of birds, which when joined, they can show off a really striking design .

6.- Minimalist tattoos: Among the tattoos for friends that are done more quickly and are not without meaning, there are minimalist tattoos, these tattoos manage to represent the friendship that canvases desire without having to cover so much space on your body, the most common place for these minimalist designs are the wrists, the sides of the hands and the ankles.

As you can see, tattoos for friends often do not have a special design, it will be enough that the canvases have creativity and have an image or symbol that represents them, be it a cartoon, a video game character, an animal or an object that be special for the couple or group of friends.