90 Hip Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery with tattoos on the hip made in 2021. Many photos with…

Welcome to our gallery with tattoos on the hip made in 2021. Many photos with the latest trends in the world of ink. Updated and with all the content hosted on our multimedia servers. Look for the tattoos that you like the most on our website. Navigate between all the pages and view the photos with a simple click.

Best hip tattoo designs

Tattoos on the hip are among the favorites of women, multiple designs have been made over the years. It is no secret to anyone, that tattoos in this part of the body are usually one of the most painful that exist, despite this, they are still favorites.

In Latin America, tattoos on the hip became famous for the great variety of designs of stars, hearts and roses that were reflected in this area of ​​the body. It is really common for at least three out of ten women in the 70s to have a tattoo on their hips.

In 2020 and so far in 2021, certain favorite designs of tattoos on the hip have been highlighted, among these are:

1.- Feather tattoos on the hip: This design consists of a traditional bird feather, either a crow, where later more small birds are displayed up or to the sides, this design looks very good, both in women with white skin, as in those with brown skin, although they have been seen more frequently in those with brown skin.

It is also possible to find this design in a more colorful tone, where the famous peacock feather is often frequented. This tattoo is very beautiful for all those people with white skin, so that they can highlight the colors of the feather of a bird as majestic as this one.

2.- Rose tattoos on the hip: This is a design that has not gone out of style, the changes that these have undergone over the years are focused on what the style is, since this is a traditional design American. By this it is meant that the representation of the rose on the hip went from being cartoon style to a more realistic style.

3.- Tattoos of catrinas on the hip: The catrinas have become a very frequent design in the last two years, where the hip is one of the best places where women like to wear this beautiful design.

This tattoo, which consists of the skeleton face of a woman, has managed to captivate almost all ink lovers completely. Since, it is a design where you can add and customize to your liking, always having a unique, fresh and fashionable design.

4.- Mandala hip tattoos: Mandala tattoos, like catrinas, are part of the favorite designs thanks to the breadth of designs and freedom in the details of each of the basic parts of a mandala.

This is a tattoo where colors are the protagonists, that is to say that it is a 100% favorable tattoo for those who have light skin preferably, they have been able to stand out due to the wide diversity of color combinations, if you are thinking of a tattoo on the hip , a mandala is one of your best options.

Hip tattoos for men

Some people will think that it is not common to see a man with a tattoo on his hip, what they ignore is that today several masculine designs have been highlighted that look excellent on the hips of men such as tribal ones.

In the male population, tattoos on the hips have become a sexual symbol, not only for the homosexual population, but for everyone in general, the favorites being the tribal ones.