103 Hourglass Tattoos

Hourglass tattoos have become very popular lately thanks to the various meanings this element has….

Hourglass tattoos have become very popular lately thanks to the various meanings this element has. The hourglass was an element discovered a number of centuries ago and that little by little it was disappearing.

Today, hourglasses are often used to teach children about exact time or to play different board games. Also today we can find a wide variety of clock tattoos, all with different meanings.

Hourglass Tattoos

Hourglass tattoos can take on different meanings according to the style in which they are designed. Among the more general meanings that this element has, we can highlight time, balance, life, death or cycles.

An hourglass can also symbolize mother nature, inevitability, or it can highlight the importance of living in the present. Although it may have several symbolisms or meanings, we can give you a personalized one.

The meaning that each one wants to give to a tattoo is a very important element, since many people decide to get a tattoo in honor of a lived experience or a lesson received throughout their lives.

Meaning of Hourglass Tattoos


The hourglass is associated with the balance of the universe, the sense of the cosmos and order; in fact, there are those who consider that its upper part represents the universe, the lower part represents the earth and the sand that falls is energy.

This “energy” that falls can also be considered as an element that transmits this balance, represents the duality of life in each individual and the cycles that we all have that at some point we must terminate.


Although it is one of the rare meanings in a general sense, an hourglass tattoo can represent the woman and the way in which she represents and expresses the feminine cycles of her life.


This is represented in an hourglass by the following: its parts represent a triangle that in turn symbolizes the polarity between elements such as ying and yang, light and darkness, destruction and creation, life and death. , among others.

Time as a sentence

The strongest meaning of the hourglass is time and death. In this area, an hourglass is used to represent the problems of the past and to make a reminder that the following days will be spent paying for the mistake that was made.

This hourglass in tattoos is also used to symbolize a coming future that no one will be able to stop. They are also used as a reminder that certain phases of life will end and others will come.

Truth prevails

Hourglass tattoos are used to represent the truth. Although the watch represents the passage of time, according to its design this can be taken in a positive or negative way.

Generally this meaning revolves around the time we have left to enjoy on this earth, whether for better or for worse. As we mentioned, this meaning will vary according to each personalization and people’s experiences.

Where to Get Hourglass Tattoos?

An hourglass tattoo is ideal to be done anywhere on the body, as it is an element that can be designed in different shapes, styles and sizes. Just as there are minimalist and small designs, there are large and elaborate ones.

The size, design and style will depend on each person and their tastes. A suggestion to make this tattoo, and the most used, to do it of a considerable size on the shoulder or on the back.