90 Awesome Ankle Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery with photos of ankle tattoos. From them you can access a…

Welcome to our gallery with photos of ankle tattoos. From them you can access a lot of photos with very different designs and styles. Find among thousands of images the tattoo you are looking for to tattoo your ankle.

Why do tattoos on the ankle get a lot of attention?

Currently, tattoos on the ankle are just another place among the many that someone can get tattooed, it is quite common among women and men, they have no age limits. In fact, there is a wide range of tattoos on this area for inspiration.

These types of tattoos are subtle, elegant and above all sensual. Regarding the designs, although space is somewhat limited, due to the area of ​​the body we are talking about, tattooing on the ankle offers a huge variety of alternatives to choose from.

The ankles have been considered one of the best areas to get a tattoo. Because it is a wide area, more than it may seem; the key here is to take advantage of the anatomy, to capture a drawing that we like adapting to it.

Tattooing in this area says many things about a person, to begin with, that he is a balanced individual, who knows how to have fun so that he is also serious and responsible in all his obligations. The ankle is a privileged location, especially if it is a woman who uses it.

In short, these tattoos on the ankle, for a woman are considered a sign of complete maturity, evolution and femininity, it also indicates discretion and sensuality, because it is a very popular area to tattoo between them.

Tattooing on the ankle hurts, yes or no?

One of the most common questions when having an ankle tattoo is the degree of pain, however, in general it is quite reasonable, it is more painful if the tattoo is centered on the fibula. But generalizing, the tattoo session in this area of ​​the body is not very painful.

However, there are individuals who say that tattoos in this area tend to hurt more than drawn in other places, because it is a fairly sensitive area. The previous reason has not been an impediment to tattooing, as these types of tattoos are very discreet and comfortable.

What are the most popular tattoos in this area?

Although it is a unisex area, it is emphasized that more women choose them, since with feminine designs it can provide a distinctive and sexy touch. The most popular are designs that can look good at a reduced size, as they are; branches, stars, footprints, butterflies, flowers, letters, crosses, fairies, small insects, and rosaries.

When it comes to the masculine world, most men choose ankle tattoo designs that deliver energy and strength, such as tribal, Japanese, sun, moon, and triangle designs. One of the options they choose is to create a drawing that completely surrounds the ankle, completely in black.

How careful should tattoos be on the ankle?

Obviously in the healing period of tattoos on the ankle, swimming pools and beaches should be avoided, since it cannot be exposed to the sun. It is advisable not to wear closed shoes or socks for 15 days, because it would ruin the appearance of the tattoo.

The choice of getting an ankle tattoo is yours alone, choose the design that interests you the most, there are many ideas, models and above all genuine artists to do it.