105 Foot Tattoos: Incredible Designs

Welcome to our galleries with tattoos on the foot. Browse through all our pages to…

Welcome to our galleries with tattoos on the foot. Browse through all our pages to see all the photos of tattoos that we have. We continually update our media servers with new content.

Handsome foot tattoo designs

The feet and ankles are usually another of the favorite areas to get tattooed, especially by the female public, the truth is that we think that is something quite curious, since the realization of a tattoo in this part is not at all an easy task. It is a very painful area to tattoo.

This is due to the incredible number of nerve endings found in this area of ​​the body, not to mention that their proximity to the bone is quite scarce. But despite this we have been able to see how the realization of tattoos in the foot and ankle area has become a trend.

The truth is that this is an area quite similar to the wrist in terms of how practical it can be to get a tattoo. Since the work surface is somewhat limited, the tattoos you end up with will be quite small, unless you are thinking of making a design that takes care of completely covering the entire foot.

But if you are looking for a practical and simple tattoo, this place may be the one. And one of its greatest advantages is that they do not have to be easily visible to everyone. Rather you can play with it a bit if you feel like it and just let it show a little bit to keep the intrigue going.

Tattoos on the foot or ankle are almost always simple in appearance. But with a good amount of detail, you do not have to look far to see in the photo gallery that accompanies this page people, especially girls, who have some quite interesting designs of tattoos on their feet.

What tattoos to choose to tattoo on your foot

One of the designs that is almost always presented is that of a small vine with thorns, with a few roses. The truth is that depending on the finish you are looking for, you can leave it in black and white or, on the contrary, put colors in full. This this is undoubtedly some designs that highlight the simplicity, subtlety and beauty of femininity quite well.

Other designs that are also quite present when searching for foot tattoos are the famous Mandalas. This began to spread more than anything with the recent boom that the practice of yoga is having. We have seen a noticeable increase in the number of people asking for symbols and messages related to Buddhism and Yoga. Harmony, meditation, peace and tranquility.

The truth is that mandalas are quite interesting figures if you want to get a tattoo on your foot. Depending on the design, it can cover the entire tattoo, they have such a level of detail that it will surely make this particular part of the body look much more beautiful.

But we do not want you to feel as if you are limited in terms of the designs that you can place in this area, the truth is that you can place exactly what you want, it is all a matter of talking with the tattoo artist and seeing how you can do to include the figures that you want.

Good ideas for getting a tattoo

Another of the designs that is very present on the feet of the girls. At the time of tattooing in this area of ​​the body are the anklets of bracelets that can be placed on the foot, if it has enough realism it can seem that it is real and you are using it constantly.

You do not need to skimp on details just because it is a tattoo on the foot, remember that the person who has to feel full and happy with the tattoo is you, many people decide to tattoo their favorite animation character to be able to remember their childhood.

You can also choose to engrave a message on the side of your ankle, currently what is usually done is that the message is mixed with some type of scenario, or simply put in a much more creative way than just the letters and that’s it.

Finally remember that if you like animals a lot and you have one in particular that is your favorite, because you identify a lot with it. You can take the opportunity to get a tattoo inspired by him, so that you can carry it with you always.

If you have a pet like a dog or a cat and you feel immensely lucky to have it by your side, you can also get it on your body in the form of ink. What better way to do it, than a tattoo on the foot?