90 Letters For Tattoos ❓

Discover the best types of letters for tattoos of 2021. Below you will see a…

Discover the best types of letters for tattoos of 2021. Below you will see a list of photographs with the best fonts of letters from our gallery with pagination included. Browse through all the pages until you find the exact style of font you are looking for.

Tattoo lettering designs

This time we are going to focus on talking a little about the letters for tattoos that you may have at your disposal for the realization of a tattoo. The truth is that just as there are people who like to tattoo more representative images, others prefer to tattoo a quote, a poem, a slogan …

On the other hand, today a large number of people are looking for that ideal phrase or that perfect date with which they can feel fully identified and thus remain immortalized forever in their bodies.

The truth is that a very curious phenomenon is currently being experienced. Since people from all parts of the world prefer to opt for the writing of other countries rather than that of their country of origin.

We mention this because of the incredible number of tattoos that are done per year around the world and that only in a very low percentage we can see that people use their native language to express what they feel.

Usually people dedicate themselves to researching other languages ​​to be able to transmit what they want to express, this is the reason why it is so common to see tattoos in Arabic dialect, or with fonts that come from regions of Asia such as Thailand, China or Japan.

Types of letters for tattoos

This type of language attracts our attention since we are not only representing a message through writing, but we are also seeking to transmit something of the culture of that region by using its writing symbols.

These are a type of tattoos that carry with them a fairly strong emotional charge, since as we have been saying, through the letters for tattoos we are trying to convey a much clearer and more concise message.

One of the things that people usually do is tattoo the name of a loved one, this as a tribute or as a souvenir to immortalize the presence of that person. It is at this moment that we must decide what type of font we are going to want for our tattoo.

If this is the case then what you can do is think a little about the tastes of the person to whom you are paying tribute so that the tattoo is much more representative of this. In this type of tattoos, communication with the person who is going to make the tattoo is essential.

Typically, the person who wants to tattoo goes with the writing that he wants to have. I present it to the tattoo artist and he will be in charge of trying a couple of designs of various fonts to see which one looks better and with which the person ends up feeling much more comfortable.

The types of letters for tattoos can be chosen according to their digital typology, there are thousands of fonts to choose from on the Internet.

But if you want to go with a couple of suggestions for the tattoo artist, that would not be too bad. If you do not find what you are looking for here, we recommend that you visit pages such as: 1001 Fonts or FontSpace, since in them you will be able to find a wide variety of examples and suggestions that will allow you to have a better perspective on how your new tattoo can look.

These sites are a fairly practical and simple solution, since they allow you to write whatever you want to tattoo and go testing with different types of fonts and fonts to see how they look. You may like one more than another or that you have already decided which type of font you are going to choose.

But the truth is that we recommend that you do not stay with just one, take several suggestions to the tattoo artist, because you do not know what kind of changes this can make and who knows such a font that did not attract much attention, suddenly it fits perfectly with what you want to tattoo and now you are not able to visualize them otherwise.

The truth is that the variety of tattoo letters is quite wide and is only limited by the imagination of the artists, if you feel inspired enough it can encourage you to come up with the type of font with which you want your tattoo to come out. .

Also what you can do is try to find a style, era or culture and talk about that to the person who is going to tattoo you, this can give you indications of what you want in your tattoo.

Places to get tattoo letters

The most popular places to get letters tattooed are usually areas hidden from the naked eye, such as the back or torso. Other areas more visible to tattoo letters are the wrists, ankles or the chest. The bravest can choose to tattoo the phalanges of the fingers of the hands, even the face.

Usually the names of the children, parents or couples are tattooed. But also famous quotes or phrases with which people identify. Even a phrase that a friend or relative who is no longer with us used to say, so that we can always remember them. Or the initials of someone very special to you.

The numbers when they indicate dates of the birth of loved ones or of our own are very common.