90 Tattoos of Moons and Their Moon Phases

Browse all the moon tattoo images in our gallery. Discover the most relevant and charismatic…

Browse all the moon tattoo images in our gallery. Discover the most relevant and charismatic tattoos in the world. Just one click away you have thousands of images specially selected for tattoo lovers.

It is important that you are completely sure of the tattoo design and style you want. Remember that tattoos are permanent and require expensive and painful laser sessions to erase them. Here below you can access the photo gallery. Remember to scroll through all the gallery pages to see them all.

Meaning of moon tattoos

Moon tattoos are famous for being one of the most varied designs in the tattoo world. All this thanks to the multiple phases that the image of the moon has, not only in the natural world but in the mystical world.

The moon is the living representation of light in the dark, for which a tattoo of this type is capable of representing great hope and expectations on your skin. Moon tattoos are one of those tattoos that will not go out of style.

It is really common to see people with moon tattoos, but many of these people ignore the great meaning that a tattoo like this has. Tattoos of this design are simply made for simple aesthetics and taste.

It is no secret to anyone that the moon is an ancestral and celestial symbol, in addition to being part of the 12 symbols of sovereignty in what is known as imperial authority.

The moon is one of the most used images to make yin and yang designs, the moon being the representation that in all darkness there is light and the sun the image that in all light there is darkness, these being the living image of a perfect balance.

In addition to the meanings that the moon can have linked to balance, one of the most obvious meanings of this image is its representation in Western astrology.

Moon tattoos represent the emotional nature of human beings, many times, characterizing that internal “I”, especially if it is that childish and innocent part that we all had at some point in our lives, until with the passing of time we undergo a transformation or change.

One of the curiosities of the meaning of moon tattoos is that it dates back to the time of the Egyptians, where the first images of the moon can be visualized in their writings, indicating many times, the effects caused by the moon or the image of the moon in humans.

In the hieroglyphs of this ancient culture they venerated the sun as one of the greatest mystical figures, but before worshiping it, they showed great devotion to the moon, where the goddess Isis was the celestial representation of the moon for the Egyptian people.

By this it is meant that an image of the moon embodied in your body, could already represent a great religious devotion or in other cases, manifest the power of the Egyptian gods in your body.

The best moon tattoo designs

The most sought-after moon tattoo design is of course the tattoo where the eight phases of the moon are displayed. This tattoo is often requested a lot by women around the world.

The most frequent places where moon tattoo lovers capture the lunar phases are, the spine, the side of the forearm or the clavicle, you will rarely be able to see it on an ankle, leg or calf, in addition to that for symbolic reasons and energetic, it is not advisable to wear a moon tattoo on the lower part of the body.

Another of the favorite designs of moon tattoos is this one in its half-moon phase, where it looks like a “U”, it is common for those who manage to tattoo a moon of these, complement them with other images, such as roses, stars , animals, the sun, among others.

The places where most people prefer to get this moon tattoo are, the hip, the wrist, the back, the ribs, even the chest.