90 Amazing Nape Tattoos

We show you the best tattoos on the neck of the Internet, which we put…

We show you the best tattoos on the neck of the Internet, which we put at your fingertips with our updated image galleries in 2021. But on our website there are more than 50,000 photographs with beautiful tattoos and classified in more than 100 galleries.

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Why do tattoos on the nape attract a lot of attention?

With the integration of the tattoo into the social life of individuals and today’s society, it can be said that tattoos on the nape are looked at with different eyes. Nor is it something popular, but if you see many famous people, they use some Hindu, special or Celtic symbol as a protection.

Tattooing on the nape has always seemed the most sensual in both women and men. It is like wearing an elegant and beautiful tattoo, without the need to always see it. As these tattoos can only be seen with a mirror, you will never get tired of wearing it.

If something that draws a lot of attention from the tattoos on the nape, it is that if we want to let our hair grow, it can be covered in a simple and above all comfortable way.

Like any other part of the neck, these tattoos require great internal reflection, you must take into account that they are visible to a lesser extent.

Tattooing behind the neck has become fashionable lately, among celebrities, athletes and influencers. Since it is a remarkable and very colorful place, it gives rise to great designs.

There are tattoos that start at the nape and end on the back. Others start at the nape and end at the neck, among others.

These tattoos represent who you are, also mark your daring personality and aesthetically they are phenomenal.

The tattoos on the nape Do they hurt or not?

There are many people who are concerned about the dilemmas of tattoos on the neck, not precisely because of the design, the colors, much less the area, but rather because they wonder and think how much it will hurt to get a tattoo in that place on the body .

But behind the neck it does not hurt excessively much. But it happens as in all tattoos, there are individuals who hurt much more and there are other people who do not hurt at all.

In short, because of how beautiful it is, without a doubt, it is worth going through the pain.

What are the most popular nape tattoos?

The popular neck tattoos that have become more famous among the female public are the following: stars, butterflies, fairies, mandalas, barcodes, important dates, names and among other elements tattooed in a small dimension.

Instead, the male audience goes for mysterious, exotic and sensual designs, among them the following stand out: skulls, Mexican skulls, geometric tattoos, those with 3D effects, an eye, a landscape, roses, among other designs.

The tattoos on the neck are preferred by many men and women, as it is an ideal area of ​​the body to debut with the ink, because it can be hidden whenever you want, it will be elegant, beautiful, significant and discreet.

If you want to get a tattoo on the back of your neck, it is best to think about what you want to do, if it is tiny but refined, it will undoubtedly be an excellent decision.