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tatuaje para hombres de un guerrero
Tattoo of a warrior

There comes a time in life when you decide to get a tattoo, but sometimes it becomes difficult to know where to begin the process of tattooing, you must have a clear idea of ​​the tattoo for man you want to be part of your life, as well as the place where translate it, maybe make sense looking for a meaning or just because you like it, period.

There are several decisions that you must make apart from the choice of the image or drawing. As it is, find a good artist with your free agenda. So that he can then do an excellent job. To achieve this way, you are so satisfied that you come back for another!

But in turn, that the price is reasonable and according to the size of the tattoo or the hours of session so as not to get out of our budget. Tattoos for men in color are more expensive since they take more time to finish them.

Do not forget that tattooing today is expensive, but the value of something that will last throughout our lives I think it is incalculable. As expensive as it is, few things that you can buy will remain by your side for so long, I would say none.

You must investigate, search and ask your friends, there will almost always be someone to recommend a place and one or more people specialized in tattooing (to capture an image, a drawing or a design on your skin). And get a tattoo for men of quality that you feel very proud and grateful.

Now, if you only want to start in this world of perpetual ink, you can do it first by trying a small tattoo on the arm or back can be ideal areas for more limited exhibition pieces, discrete emblems that can be worked in sessions, whether they are average or complete, at a later time.

Does it hurt to get tattooed?

You must bear in mind that your nervous system can play tricks on you. If it is your first tattoo or you have already done one, there are considerations to take into account.

Since in any part of your body you have little flesh between the skin and the bone. As the feet, hands, ribs shoulders or clavicles the sensitivity you will experience and the pain will be much greater than that of tattooing other more meaty areas.

In places where the abundance of nerves runs close to the surface and therefore the sensitivity to pain increases as tattooing on the upper part of the arm. The back of the knee, the area of ​​the hip, the groin and the lower part of the back. The tattoo will be much more painful, only within reach of the toughest and bravest.

Also the most erogenous zones of the body are very painful areas for tattooing. These are full of nerve endings intended for other pleasures more pleasing than these.

But rest assured that you will feel satisfied after they reflect your art on your body. If you are very sensitive to pain maybe the choice of a small tattoo is the best to try sensations and see what is your tolerance to the pain threshold that involves tattooing the skin.

Paracetamol can help reduce inflammation of the tattoo since it is not an anti inflammatory vascularizer, its use is advised, although I am afraid that it will not serve to relieve the pain of an entire tattoo session.

Where do we get tattooed?

Tatuajes Para Hombres de Connor McGregorIt is a question that many men ask themselves. The choice of the place to tattoo at the end will condition much the style and the design chosen for that purpose. You have to spend more time thinking about where to tattoo, especially if it’s your first time, than to choose a design or a drawing that we like, since usually we always have something in mind.

Once you have located the artist who will perform the longed for Tattoo, then you must think where you want your tattoo for men. Is it something you want to show at first sight or rather that is reserved?

Your body will be transformed into a canvas. That is why you must choose a part of your body appropriate to the size and design you want to be made. The back parts like the back or thighs are really suitable for you to make a big drawing and that over time you can expand.

Tatoos for men that contain too much detail have to be made big so that they fit. This is an aspect that you should always have when requesting a personalized design from a tattoo artist.

The vast majority of men choose a tattoo area that can be seen at first sight, the most daring choose the face, hands or neck and the most discreet areas that at first glance do not look like the shoulders, abdomen, or pectorals.

The vast majority tend to choose intermediate areas such as forearms or biceps. So that with short sleeves can look good and give that rough look.

Conor McGregor tattoos

What photo of tattoos for men to choose?

There are people who think that tattoos for men should be hard and great beasts. Looking through our photo gallery you will find many ideas, with different styles. For them a good option can be the scorpions that even being small, they are powerful. This arachnid looks amazing, and would be a great option for any guy who wants to show toughness.

Big cats like lions or tigers are a frequent resource among men when it comes to tattooing, also among famous characters like Connor McGregor who has a tiger tattooed on his abdomen.

That is why when you decide on the design, it must have a correct shape and outline. If you’re going to do it in black or with significant colors. That adapts to the aesthetic shape of your body or according to the tone of your skin.

If you’re not sure where to go when choosing a design. Here we show you other ideas that may be attractive for your taste.

  • Dragon tattoos are also popular among the male gender.
  • Angel wings and crosses are definitely tattoo ideas for common men, and this is a great example of the genre.
  • The tattoos of roses, skulls, inscriptions and daggers if they are well made will seem to be really there, under the skin of man.
  • The mythological beings in general and cartoons are also a common source of resources among the boys when it comes to tattooing.
  • The famous tribal are an elegant way to fill body parts too empty of tattoo ink.
  • Traditional tattoos such as the Maori, which represent a warrior people of Polynesia.
  • But do not forget that the best tattoos are always the most original and exclusive that few have on their skin.

Types of tattoos for men

Do you prefer small tattoos for men or large tattoos for men?

This is another very important aspect when it comes to tattooing. If you get a small tattoo on your biceps, you will not be able to make another tattoo that covers the entire area. Except for covering the old man.

We have to imagine how we would like to show off our ideal final version, very tattooed? little tattooed? in color? in black? big or small?

If we take the tattoo as you have to take it “seriously”. These are aspects that you have to take into account before you even start to look at tattoos or visit a salon.

There are people who started tattooing in black and now some have been done in color. From my point of view, this type of mixture does not look good. Just as there are not very good tattoos mixed with small tattoos. Or a very high contrast in the quality of the tattoos, which some seem echos for your little brother and others for the very Velazquez.

I know a person who has long ago tattooed a tribal in black when he was more fashionable. Now with time after becoming several in color realism has decided to eliminate the old. Using laser sessions (very painful) to clarify a little and to tattoo over.

So be very sure of what you are going to decide before having to repent!