93 Amazing Planet Tattoos

Discover our gallery of planet tattoos, exclusive and original tattoos from which to draw inspiration…

Discover our gallery of planet tattoos, exclusive and original tattoos from which to draw inspiration or ideas for your next tattoo. Browse all the images and browse our optimized galleries looking for the best tattoos.

The variety of meanings of planet tattoos

The vastness of the universe generates a tremendous intrigue, but until now there is only extensive knowledge about the planets of our solar system. For any lover of the universe, it is fascinating to have tattoos of planets, where stars are frequently observed orbiting, as well as different planets of the universe.

All the options that make up the universe have much to offer, astronomy is immense and there are also a large number of ideas and meanings associated with each planet, or for the incredible aesthetics behind this type of tattoos which are characterized by great detail.

They are usually combined with designs of the lunar phases or in which the sun appears when they represent our own solar system with some of its eight planets.

Even in the spiritual plane, planet tattoos retain their own definition, so each meaning or concept is different for each person or area, however, the basic characteristics of the planets that orbit in the universe can be highlighted, which have been a source of inspiration for tattooing.

Within the solar system, all its conformation of planets has a clear meaning, in the case of Mercury; it is a mental power, Venus; attraction and love, and in the popular case of Earth; it is the origin of life, Mars; ambition and aggressiveness, Saturn; determination, Uranus; sixth sense and Neptune; inspiration.

Therefore, each planet can be adjusted to your personality, or to the life purpose you pursue, even the decision is simplified for many, since they prefer to tattoo the solar system completely, they even create their own planet with characteristics of what they imagine. would be when traveling there.

Planet tattoos are ideas without scale

Since the oldest civilizations, the gods are responsible for applying a meaning to each planet, which have been accepted on planet tattoos, since it is possible to combine the passion for the universe, along with the personality traits, another planet very popular is Jupiter; sociability, this is broad definition or meaning.

There are no limits to thoughts when it comes to tattooing, the designs are free to make the most of your personality, which in turn is accompanied by the galaxies in general, since they have extraordinary colors among a game in different shades of blue and purple, which makes you love astronomy completely.

On the other hand, within this range of tattoos can also be included that of the sun and the moon, these artistically join the background or the environment of the planets, the scenes of the solar system in general are a show by the artist who traces all with incredible realism, plus elements such as spaceships and UFOs are used.

Everything that has to do with space is added to the tattoo, since in itself it is a leap from reality to free creativity, therefore different elements that are also common or associated with this magical environment can be incorporated, where in Instead of planning to travel to them, you can simply see your skin and even create your own concept.