90 Awesome Realistic Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery with photos of super realistic and exclusive tattoos. You will find…

Welcome to our gallery with photos of super realistic and exclusive tattoos. You will find many images that will surely help you choose a tattoo style or design. Browse between the pages of our gallery to see all the tattoos that you have time to see.

The art of realistic tattoos

Tattoo lovers seek to exhibit a high quality design, however the complacency of this desire has been elevated to such an extent that the designs of each tattoo have been updated to be with much more detail, much more realism, this fact is It has been characterized as part of realistic tattoos.

It has been sought to strictly comply with the wishes of anyone who wants to get a tattoo, so each technique has been perfected or improved, so that it has an identical appearance, properly of an art.

The fundamental thing that was implemented for greater reality, has been to vary and use a great variety of effects, so it is a notorious effort to fully capture all the details, it is a great investment of time and patience for those who decide to do it. To not move during the session and take care of it as it should at the end.

This type of tattoos began by tracing a photo mostly of faces, remaining identical to it, from beginning to end, as a kind of tribute to someone who is not physically present, or a pet as well, even commemorating a public figure artists type.

Traditionally, this modality is inclined on the urban style, however, what was of great help to emerge within this category of tattoos, has been the improvement of the machines, since they provide much more precision when making the tattoo, to make it totally realistic.

Realism has encompassed an unlimited number of borders, by implementing 3D techniques through which a wide effect of depth is generated, playing with shadows more than anything else, which has undoubtedly been a great contribution within the world of tattoo designs, to end up causing remarkable accuracy.

The color and brightness that this kind of tattoos acquires is indescribable, to cause that at first glance it seems as if it were a photo that was pasted on the skin, since it ends up being an exact copy of the model that you want to capture, therefore great dedication is required on this tattoo style.

For this reason, within this class of realistic tattoos it is conceived as an absolute art, due to the dedication and use of so many techniques, many people also use it to tattoo an animal, so in the end it ends up looking as if the animal were really posed. on that part of the body, due to the realism with which it remains.

Realism technique details

This art is very useful to tattoo some bony part of the human body, on the skin, to end up generating the physical appearance that it exists as a kind of opening between the body and the bones, having a completely great effect, with a real perspective that it certainly steals all eyes when passing by.

Subsequently, they begin to combine geometric figures or shapes, and they end up innovating with a new realistic work of art on the body, and it ends up astonishing anyone just because of the design, it always gives the feeling of being sharp, as if very alive. the eyes, that’s the visual appearance it creates.

The level of complexity of each design reveals a great demand on the part of the artist, without a doubt that it is an arduous work, but that in the end ends up causing amazing results, where the body takes the place of the canvas literally because this style represents a full art.

The illusions that are generated from realistic tattoos is the main reason why they are chosen, and one of their strongest characteristics, within the optical effect that it generates itself, matching when combining different inks, dimensions and techniques, for this is also associated with sculpture as an imitation.

Within the style of each artist, mastering this type of tattoo is a wide challenge, but it ends up marking a unique design, and at the same time, this kind of tattoo is not usually linked to a story or many reasons, but rather comprises a form of expression. of the art of realism.

Even the colors have been one of the points of this class of realistic tattoos that has been revolutionized, since in its beginnings black or gray scales were used, however this has changed notably until using very striking tones, but you have to take note that colors lose a bit of definition over time.

Realistic tattoos are basically defined by knowing how to master and use light, and that it can always be mixed with different styles such as pointillism, Chicano among others, the main thing is to decide on the portrait or the art that you want to do to work on it.