98 Awesome Roman Tattoos

Lately, Roman tattoos have become a trend. That adapts from the most minimalist tastes to…

Lately, Roman tattoos have become a trend. That adapts from the most minimalist tastes to the most complex. For that reason, this theme is very popular and flexible.

This type of tattoos has various representations with multiple meanings. People use them as reminders of important events to them. Or to capture beautiful ancient art on their skins. Either way, here’s everything you need to know about this style.

Origin and meaning of Roman tattoos

The origin of this trend is not specifically known. What is certain is that the design with Roman numerals has become popular over the years. Since it represents an almost universal language, used to indicate dates or significant numbers for someone.

From anniversary dates, birthdays or the death of a loved one. It is a way of wearing a tribute on the skin, which is also simple and attractive. As well as flexible, since there are thousands of typographic fonts to make this type of tattoos, without using the classic and robust form of Roman numerals.

But, beyond that, there are other types of interesting Roman tattoos that can have other representations. Like the art of the time, ancient gods or relevant figures from Rome. That can take several meanings, depending on the bearer of the tattoo.

Therefore, we will mention below the variants and types of these tattoos.

Types of Roman Tattoos

As mentioned, there are many Roman variants and themes that can be carried out in the form of a tattoo. In this way, keep reading to know the most popular ones.

Roman numerals

They have been pointed out several times before. And they are a minimalist, simple and beautiful version of making a memory about an important date. So if you see a person with some Roman numerals tattooed, it can mean a relevant date for him or her, such as an anniversary or birthday.

Another advantage of these brands is that they can take small sizes to cover large spaces such as the back. So if you want a discreet tattoo you can place one of these anywhere on your body. Which makes it a nice way to take that special date for you everywhere.

Ancient roman statues

Beyond the Roman letters and numbers, there are the famous statues of the time. These are much more elaborate. Because the exquisiteness with which the ancient sculptures were made was quite realistic. Therefore, the details in this type of tattoos are important and require much more space on human skin.

The images that are usually captured are usually imitations of sculptures known as “David” by Michelangelo. But famous statues like the Venus de Milo are also the subject of tattoos. And speaking of gods and relevant characters, they occupy by themselves a specific theme in this tattoo style.

Roman gods and soldiers

In ancient Rome there was constant warfare. Where relevant political leaders and soldiers took on such a worldwide popularity that they are still remembered. Julius Caesar and many other characters dressed in the characteristic Roman armor, are usually motifs for realistic tattoos. That leave spectacular results in those who wear them.

The Roman Gods are not far behind, the representations of Jupiter, Neptune or Ceres usually have the symbolism and personality that the gods themselves represent. Being able to take any style of tattoo that the person prefers. From hyperrealism, new school or even full color. In such a way, that Roman mythology is always impressive as a tattoo motif.

In conclusion, this style of tattoos is always eye-catching and can vary in complexity. Therefore, people with simple tastes and those with elaborate preferences will be able to find a preference within this trend.