104 Simple Tattoos: Pictures

Welcome to our galleries with photos of simple tattoos. We have more than one hundred…

Welcome to our galleries with photos of simple tattoos. We have more than one hundred galleries with exclusive, original and different tattoo designs. Browse our pages looking at all the photos of tattoos we have. Our multimedia servers are updated very regularly.


Where to get simple tattoos?

A tattoo is one of those things that a person plans to do before reaching a certain age. Some do not dare because they tend to think that it is something inappropriate and that it can generate problems at work and with their family or simply because of how scary the pain can be when getting tattooed.

It is possible that you are one of those people who do not tolerate needle sticks, so this article will introduce you to small, special and simple tattoos that you may like and you will not feel any pain.

Don’t wait any longer and decide on a design that you might like. There are many options from small hearts or some symbols that have a particular meaning. Best of all, you can stamp it anywhere on the body.

It is said that the perfect tattoos are what are located properly. Well, the design not only ceases to be important, because the area where you plan to get a tattoo has a very important role. On this occasion, as the design is simple, the area of ​​the body you use will be perfect.

Tattoos on the arms: it is the place that people usually use to get a tattoo.
Tattoos on the back: being one of the largest areas of the body, it makes it the right place to make any type of tattoo.
Tattoos on the legs: it is the place that women particularly use when getting a tattoo.

Simple tattoos for women and men

When you plan to get simple tattoos as a woman, many choose to look for tattoos that have a deep and special meaning, but above all that represents it in a certain way.

After all, it is something that will always be with her throughout her life.

If you still do not have the ideal tattoo for you, then we will introduce you to some beautiful tattoos for women that you may like and of course with their respective meaning.

Semicolon tattoo: as indicated in the texts, this symbol represents a continuous phrase. If at any time you had to have left something important to you, with this tattoo you will represent the opposite.
Sailboat tattoo: if there is something that describes this type of simple tattoos, it is the calm and the experience that a sailor transmits. They are the ideal designs for those patient and determined women.
Incomplete delta tattoo: this symbol represents change, as this design is an incomplete delta it means that the woman is open to change. It is the ideal tattoo for you if you are one of those women who are trying to start a new stage in their life.
Anchor tattoo: it is the symbol that represents strength and stability, it is in essence one of the things that every woman handles very well in her style. If you want a discreet tattoo, this is undoubtedly your best alternative.

There is no doubt that tattoos make men sexier. Finding the perfect design can be a difficult task if you take a few details into account.

Like the size and meaning that one of them could have. Next, we will introduce you to some simple tattoos for men that you may like.

Tiger tattoo: If you are a temperamental man with a lot of strength. This template is the one for you. You can place it anywhere on the body and you can accompany it with other elements to make it look more pleasant.
Tree tattoo: Many know it as the tree of life. This design is special because it represents those people you love the most in your social environment.
Clover tattoo: If you want to attract luck, this small tattoo is the most indicated. You can also place it anywhere on the body or tattoo the same design as your best friend as a sign of affectionate union.