60 Cobra Tattoos

Cobra tattoos are especially popular among all those who believe in Hindu culture, as this…

Cobra tattoos are especially popular among all those who believe in Hindu culture, as this is one of its most powerful symbols. Cobras are harnessed to represent strength, ferocity, and protection.

Likewise, cobras tattoos today can be found designed in many ways that influence shades, colors or are complemented with other elements such as flowers, mandalas, swords, insects, among others; this will vary according to what you want to represent.

What does the cobra represent?

Cobra and snake tattoos, while not very popular, have quite a powerful meaning. First of all, we can highlight that it is used by those people who believe in Hinduism, so the designs vary.

In a general sense, we can say that the cobra is responsible for representing force and danger. However, if we go to India a little, this is an animal that provides protection and good luck, because in this area a cobra is a sign of good news.

In the case of Egypt, cobras mean protection, as they are a symbol that was used especially in the tombs of the Egyptian kings. In this same area, they were painted on the walls of the temples to represent strength and power.

Finally, there are those who choose a cobra tattoo for the beauty of this animal, so the designs that you can choose have flowers, while there are others that symbolize spirituality, fertility, rebirth, power and mercy.


Where to get a cobra tattoo?

While it is true that cobra tattoos can be personalized to each individual’s taste, they are ideal for the areas of the arms or legs. In it, the tattoo design can be done with more space and more freedom for creativity.

Very little is recommended to make them in other areas, especially if it is very elaborate designs. In any case, if you have doubts, you can obtain guidance from the tattoo artist regarding what we hope will be the final result of your cobra tattoo.


Cobra tattoo designs

If you are thinking of getting a cobra tattoo, but do not know what to choose, today it is possible to find variety in terms of their designs. Likewise, you must bear in mind that the designs you find can be modified to your taste and style.

One of the most frequent options when it comes to a cobra tattoo, is to go for a vintage style. This gives a retro touch to the design, while giving it bright colors that will give a better finish to the final design.

On the other hand, you can use the 3D technique. She is used when it comes to tattoos with animals where, as its name indicates, the sketch of it will give the sensation of three dimensions; here the tattoo will have shadows, relief and greater detail than in the previous case.