80 Temporary & Passenger Tattoos

Welcome to our galleries with photos of authentic temporary tattoos. We have more than a…

Welcome to our galleries with photos of authentic temporary tattoos. We have more than a hundred images with highly successful temporary tattoos at your fingertips. Browse our pages looking at all the photos we have. Our multimedia servers are updated very regularly.

The experience of getting into temporary tattoos

Deciding to get a tattoo many times leads to having many doubts, either because of not deciding what to do, or simply because of not being clear about wearing something all your life, however there is the possibility of having a bit or that access to that feeling of how to you will see, using one that is temporary.

This type of tattoo serves as an induction into the world of ink and the needle, because the main reason why many think twice about getting a tattoo is to flee from some hypothetical pain, however for whatever reason is worth it. worth knowing all about.

This modality fully adapts to the desire to experiment and adapt to what it means or implies to have a tattoo, and you can choose the period in which it lasts, since it can be only a few days to several months, at a rate of the existence of many techniques to offer precisely varied results in terms of duration.

The care and exposure of said temporary tattoo to the different atmospheric conditions to which it is subjected daily must always be taken into account, likewise within the forms of application of the temporary tattoo, the one made by hand using pigments of natural origin stands out, the which is one of the most used methods.

Technique of temporary tattoos

Under the use of this natural technique, different very remote traditions revolve, in which the Greeks used this ink more than everything to give hair color more than everything, however, since it is composed of Henna, the hygiene and dermal safety of people to avoid any allergies or repercussions.

From this security area it is important to take into account the reliability of whoever applies it, which is why many people prefer to use temporary tattoos by means of stickers, due to their easy process, these last approximately one week.

Likewise, from the ancient customs of the tribes, the body painting technique was also acquired, mainly based on clay or charcoal, some practices or rituals still implement this type of tattoos, to which normally in other practices the effect is added of the airbrush for its application, which can last 7 days.

Another somewhat tropical and risky modality is the realization of temporary tattoos with the sun, by placing yourself in an ideal point where the sun is received, wearing clothes designed to be the way you want in a specific area, and it will be recorded the contour of it as a kind of tan, taking care to protect the rest of the skin.

In the end all these implementations are aimed at ending up with a realistic appearance, of course the biggest distinction with a permanent one is the shine, and the complete appearance of the tattoo is preserved especially the first 3 days since they show greater deterioration as each day passes.

The best thing about temporary tattoos is that it looks a bit like the stickers that were used in childhood, but now you can choose a custom design and look for techniques that generate more time.

In the eagerness to offer more time, important risks have been taken since the ink does not come into contact with the layer of the skin that permanent ones do, but a more superficial layer such as the dermis, so that it lasts for months no more, however This can have repercussions that the whole of it does not disappear but is deformed or the ink is diverted to the blood.

So you must be attentive to always protect and prioritize security, not to lower your guard just because it is permanent tattoos, on the other hand the advantage of this alternative is the number of templates that are made available for it, and even You choose to use a custom design in the same way as if it were permanent.

For this reason it can be very common to see this practice of permanent tattoos in many conventions, festivals or promotions of any brand, and designs related to the activity are being distributed to all attendees, so it also serves as a means of expression to promote a brand or holiday.

This has become fashionable or custom especially in the summer, and it is common to see the sale of these especially on beaches, due to the high temperatures you must take care not to be exposed to allergic reactions.