Turtle tattoos are characterized by having a variety of ways to represent these animals. They are animals that, depending on where you are and your culture, can adopt different meanings, so it is important to find out about the one you want.

Turtle tattoos can be done anywhere on the body, adding color or not and can be combined with other elements that complement its meaning, such as mandalas or colors, all adapting to you.

Meanings of turtle tattoos

Cartoons and storybooks always characterize turtles as friendly and even somewhat naive characters, which has molded a somewhat childish meaning in our minds.

Today turtles are animals to which various meanings are attributed. Therefore, according to the shape of the turtle tattoo that is made, it can vary its meaning. In many cultures around the world, the main meaning of these animals is longevity.

This thanks to their slow steps and the number of years they have lived in the world, as well as symbolizing patience, wisdom and serenity. Turtles are animals that in many religions are linked to creation stories.

On the other hand, they are one of the main symbols to refer to animals, marine life and their entire species. Turtle tattoos also have a spiritual symbol that focuses on traditions.

In general, we can say that turtle tattoos symbolize feminine energy, resistance, innocence, stability, strength, motherhood and protection, as well as can be associated with the lunar force, winter and humidity.

Types of turtle tattoos

As they are animals with different meanings, they can be represented in different ways. This will vary according to what the person who has chosen a turtle tattoo wants to convey, using the different tattoo styles that we can find.

In this way, among the types of turtle tattoos that we can find, we highlight the silhouette of the animal, combined with minimalism, it transmits pure and simple feelings that encompass this animal.

This can also be represented with a mandala on its shell, in order to convey more spirituality, just as there are those who represent a realistic portrait of the animal, combining it with watercolor techniques for a better result.

Finally, a very popular way of representing this animal is through Maori culture. Here the turtle symbolizes knowledge and is characterized by having tribal stripes and being complemented by the silhouette of a flower, all in black.

Where to get turtle tattoos?

By varying their design, turtle tattoos can be made in any desired area. Generally these are usually made in the arms, taking space to represent the turtle complemented with other elements.

On the other hand, there are those who choose to make these turtle tattoos in different areas such as on the feet or on the legs. However, this will vary according to the size of the design you have in mind and according to your tolerance for pain.

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