Welcome to our gallery of images with tattoos on the arm. From it you can see thousands of photos of tattoos of all styles, colors and designs. From the most daring to the most discreet. When it comes to tattooing our arms, we have a lot of designs and possibilities.

What tattoos to choose for your arm?

Depending on what we are looking for, a large tattoo, something small, visible or very hidden. We hope that you will find in our gallery all the photos of tattoos you need to get ideas. In this gallery there are arm tattoos for men, but also for women. We have them in black, colors and grayscale. Tattoos on the arm using techniques of realism, classic, old school, vintage, comic, manga … etc.

The arm is the most popular region used by both women and men to get a tattoo. And yes, this is the most tattooed body part in the world. For this you must bear in mind that if you want to tattoo this area it must be something simply great and that is why you must first see drawings and photos of tattoos that can inspire you when ordering or making your original one.

The photos are good allies when we are not very sure, to see how the different styles and designs of tattoos look on other people. Especially before choosing yours.

Arm tattoos are almost always the first choice for men. For being the perfect place to show how handsome your design is and how well it looks on you. It is also simply chosen many times because it is a place where you can hide it whenever you want or show it using a short sleeve or tank top.

The styles are many, from thick lines, the classic animals such as the lion, the eagle or another bird, dragons, realistic landscapes or even great sets that end up being a great work of art. Maori, warriors, skulls, wild or tribal animals are generally preferred among the male gender to tattoo their arms.

For women tattoos on the arm honestly, they look simply great, since it is one of the most sensual places where you can get a tattoo. He conveys security and that he is a determined person. So brave that he is not afraid to fight in life. They always have very powerful meanings.

The reasons are varied, although usually women who get tattoos prefer to tattoo flowers, stars, butterflies, roses, landscapes or bracelets. The inner part of the arm is also an excellent option, do not forget it.

The arm is also a perfect place to make tattoos with phrases or names. It is advisable to use fairly simple and easy-to-read letters, it will give you a very original aesthetic.

Women usually prefer to make a single word, which conveys a clear message about their personality, to give it a high meaning. Men tend to opt for more aesthetic designs.

Types of tattoos on the arm

First, there are the most classic, which are the tattoos on the arm that go from the lower part of the shoulder to before the elbow. Tribal tattoos were widely used in that area during the 90s, as they were very popular.

There are also those of the arm and shoulders, which start from the neck or mid-trapezius, the shoulder and the arm. They are very large tattoos that will take too many hours of sessions to finish. Especially if they are in color and are heavily loaded.

There are the half sleeves, which take part of the forearm. They look great on men and give you a tough guy air. But it is also applicable to women.

Any type of small tattoo in the wrist area is very discreet. The most daring may opt for their hands to tattoo smaller things.

And finally we have the sleeves. In these cases they are made up to the forearm and wrist. It is always good that you decide in time what type of tattoo you are going to choose, so the design is better projected.

Full arm tattoos look great even in color. But personally I do not like tattoos excessively loaded with ink. Since it is much more aesthetic to also play with your own skin tone as if it were another color.

One of the most popular questions is:

Does tattooing on your arm hurt?

The pain tolerance of each person will be relative, since all tattoos hurt. Therefore, an absolute answer cannot be given. But the truth is that, like the thighs, the arms are an area of ​​many muscles. At least generally, and where there are fewer nerve endings. For this reason, it is one of the places on the body that hurts the least.

Perhaps because it is easier to bear the pain than in other areas, it is the preferred place for most people to get a tattoo. Although the most painful areas are always the most sensitive and the ones with the least meat.

So the inside of the arm and the armpits are painful areas. Also the most bony area of ​​the shoulder and elbow are very painful areas only suitable for the brave who are willing to endure it. If you are going to get a large tattoo on your arm, you already know what you are exposing yourself to.