76 Black Rose Tattoos

Black rose tattoos are a type of tattoo that represents loss, death, and grief. Although it is true that this is a flower with different meanings, it will vary according to the colors of its petals, black being one of the most used.

Likewise, black rose tattoos can be used by anyone and are generally worn around the arms. However, if you are a fan of more elaborate designs, you can find a variety of designs for the back area.

What does the black rose symbolize?

The rose is one of the flowers that is most used in tattoos, especially when you are a woman. This is because according to the color of its petals, the meaning can vary, as is the case of the red rose that symbolizes love.

When it comes to a black rose, the flower is attributed a dark meaning. This is that of death and pain, being carried mainly by those people who have lost a loved one, so the designs tend to vary according to each one.

Black rose tattoos are usually characterized by being medium in size and having simple designs, as there are those who prefer minimalist tattoos. In any case, all this will depend on what you want to represent with this flower.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that there are people who use this black rose as a symbol of transformation and improvement when facing many difficulties in life, as well as it can represent rebellion.

Black rose designs

According to what you want to represent with a black rose tattoo, you can opt for a large and elaborate design where shadows predominate. If, on the other hand, you want something simpler, you can choose the silhouette of this flower or the minimalist shape.

Among the most predominant designs for this type of flower, we must highlight the flower complemented with the face of a woman, which is a design that is used to honor someone’s death. You can also go for a simple flower with the petal writing the name of a loved one.

If what you want to represent is sadness, you can opt for a flipped rose design; that is, with the stem up and the flower down. And to give it a more interesting touch, there are those who choose the flower inside a heart or a triangle.

Where to get a black rose tattoo?

Black rose tattoos can be done on almost any part of the body, but in general, they are usually done on the arms, hands or back. There are also those who opt for a small design on the fingers or on the clavicle.

In any of these cases, they are usually made with shadows and many details, as they are spacious areas that allow freedom when designing. If on the other hand you prefer something more discreet, this design can be done on the ribs.