Welcome to our photo gallery of cat tattoos. Browse through it and find the ones you like the most. Super original tattoos so that you can study ideas when it comes to tattooing yourself. A tattoo is something very important that we will surely carry throughout our lives. Think carefully about what you want to tattoo by looking at images of cat tattoos before deciding on a specific design.

Cat Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas and Photos

All of us who are lovers of felines and tattoos, at some point we would like to tattoo a cat. They are known for their playful and sweet nature, but they have many other meanings.

Cats have been loved and revered around the world. For example, the ancient Egyptians link the image of the goddess of the moon with these animals.

The Romans, on the other hand, worshiped the cat as a symbol of the goddess Diana and were associated with motherhood and protection.

In Norse tradition, however, he was revered as an extension of Freya, the goddess of elegance, grace, fertility, and protection.

These associations with divine beings become a strong symbol of female power. Despite this, there are some negative beliefs related to this cute animal.

In the Middle Ages, cats were related to witchcraft and paganism, releasing the idea that cats were evil animals. Today, however, cat tattoos are considered a symbol of protection also because they are so loved and pampered by us humans.

The cat purely represents the following symbols: spirituality, magic, freedom, royalty, stealth, vitality, fortune, intelligence, evil, secrecy, vigilance, independence, feminine power, and wandering spirit.

Cat tattoos are highly appreciated by women, in fact, this animal represents femininity, grace and elegance. In addition, they are also a source of mystery and uncertainty, they are mystical figures that enchant those who look at them.

Cat tattoos – variations in designs

If you think of a black cat, images of witches, old brooms, and smoking black hornets come to mind.

Black cats are, in general, associated with negative thoughts. For some, a black cat is an omen of destruction that must be avoided at all costs, while for others, the black color of the cat makes it charming, mysterious and intriguing.

Black cat tattoos awaken mystery and power, which means that they are linked to the idea that this cat has for its entire existence.

You could even consider cat footprints as a tattoo. They represent an emotional or mental journey through a difficult time. They represent progress and the need to move forward in life.

Have you ever wondered why many Japanese and Chinese jobs have cat figures with a raised front leg?

In Asian cultures, this is an ancient symbol of prosperity and fortune dating back to ancient beliefs. It would seem that the cat’s paw represents good luck, fortune, and great wealth.

Alternatively, getting a cat’s head tattooed is also highly appreciated and loved. This tattoo is linked with the following meanings: death, destruction, and disease.

As said before, this animal has a strong link to the afterlife and cat skull tattoos are seen as a more subtle way to symbolize understanding and acceptance of the inevitable end.

In a sense, it is a sign of courage because it shows that you are not afraid to face that one day life will end.

Why choose a cat tattoo?

Mainly, women love tattoos with cats because they represent a magical, mysterious and fascinating world. It is ideal for those who want to honor their love for this mythical animal, for those who never stop celebrating and carrying their cat and the image of him as a link to the unknown and mystery.

Where to get a cat tattoo

The choice of where to get a cat tattoo is very subjective and also depends on the type of tattoo chosen. Some tattoos are something intimate, self and invisible, so the choice should be in areas of the body that are mostly covered or hidden such as behind the earlobe, at the base of the neck or on the wrist.

Types of cat tattoos

You can choose a small cat tattoo, a mini tattoo with essential lines consists of a few strokes but great performance. There are also much more detailed designs, increasingly modern and three-dimensional real designs.

The choice of cat tattoos that show the silhouettes of cats in a discreet and sober way. The line is usually black and simple. Few lines but the result of great effect.

The sinuous shape of the cat’s profile makes this tattoo ideal for those who want to depict a cat without too much emphasis. Even in the design of the paw, footprint, whiskers, the contour of the body and the eyes to always carry the cat symbol on your body.

In general, they are real drawings in which the cat, or simply its face, is represented with floral decorations, butterflies and color effects that are reminiscent of watercolor drawing.

It can also be enriched with sentences often in English that emphasize the importance and meaning you want to give the tattoo.

Tattooing a cat in style

Celtic linden means relying on the mysterious magic of the cat as the guardian of the afterlife. Esoteric symbol par excellence, the Celtic representation of cat tattoos is ideal for those who believe in the ethereal, in the invisible world.

It is increasingly common to get a real image of a cat tattooed on the body, as if it were an indelible photograph. In this case the tattoo is decidedly striking and demanding.

Symbology of cat tattoos

There are different meanings that can be associated with cat tattoos. Not only can you choose to get a cat tattooed out of your love for the animal itself, but there are several meanings of this term that can also be associated with different periods of life, for example:

“Grace, beauty, apathy, mystery, adoration, destiny, loneliness, freedom, vitality, intelligence, independence, vigilance”