72 Historical Celtic Tattoos

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Celtic tattoos meanings

It can be said that Celtic tattoo designs are among the most sought after by young people today, as they have multiple attractive designs with deep meanings that are tailored to the interests and tastes of this population.

A Celtic tattoo is versatile, capable of being located anywhere on your body, taking into account that it can be associated with various images such as the tree of life.

Ink lovers have managed to transcend Celtic tattoo design to another level, thanks to technological updates and advances in tattoo tools and techniques for coloring the designs.

One of the most used techniques for Celtic tattoos is watercolor, where you can highlight the traditional design of this with an unusual color combination for a tree.

The meaning of Celtic tattoos varies depending on the symbol you choose, they have a great richness in symbology and can represent a number of meanings, remembering that these symbols resemble many ancient mythologies and cultures.

One of the favorite designs of Celtic tattoos is the one that represents the tree of life. This image of a large tree, with abundant leaves and various branches, began its symbolism in the amulets of the different cultures of the Asian continent, characterized by representing the essence of the positive, strength, resistance and above all, the origin of our existence.

As you well know, there is no better representation of life than a tree is, this object, characterized by being ancestral, a generator of oxygen, a guard of life for being the home of an infinity of living beings, where it witnesses the cycle of life, as it has been since the world is world.

People who choose a tattoo of this peculiar design, usually have the intention of presenting strength and stability, anyone wishes that her life was as firm and abundant as a wild tree is.

This is not just any tree, usually, the one embodied in the tattoos is the image are figures of fruit trees, like the classic apple tree that children draw from a young age, this to represent the successes or victories they have had in the life or what they want to have.

Do not underestimate a design as mystical as Celtic tattoos, an image like this that can represent so many things, birth, growth, evolution, the past, family, among others. People with these tattoos should bear in mind that they are images that, in addition to being beautiful, exude great strength and character.

Celtic tattoos as mystical amulets

The legends that you can find about Celtic symbols without infinity, many superstitious people are inclined to these designs when it comes to tattooing for that same diversity, in addition to the sites where you can capture a tattoo like this can be anyone.

When these images began to spread as a tattoo, they were very common on the forearms, being simple designs in the tribal or traditional American style, based only on thin lines in the symbolic style.

However, over the years, this design went from being a simple tribal, to being a surreal image, with greater detail and size. This tattoo began to invade the pectorals of men, the legs of women (especially the thighs) and the backs of both.

In turn, there are people who gave Celtic tattoos a more cartoonish design in the comic style, in this way it has been able to be captured in a sympathetic way on people’s ankles, wrists and hips.

On the European continent, these types of tattoos are in great demand, taking into account that Celtic cultures inhabited this region, many people associate Celtic symbols with Aztec or Egyptian symbols, these may have some similarity but never have the same meaning

If you are looking for a tattoo that is multifaceted, a Celtic tattoo is your best option, you can always mold this image to your taste and personality, as well as to any part of the body.

However, it is recommended to be well informed about the meaning of the symbols of these tattoos, remember that many of these represent good luck, prosperity or vitality, you can always verify the diversity of Celtic symbols that you can find that fits your expectations.