Welcome to our gallery of images with tattoos on the chest. From it you can see thousands of photos of tattoos of all styles, colors and designs. From the most daring to the most discreet. When it comes to tattooing our chest, we have a lot of designs and possibilities. Depending on what we are looking for, a large tattoo or something discreet.

We hope that you will find in our gallery all the tattoo photos you need to get new ideas. There are chest tattoos for men, but there are also tattoos for women. We have them in colors and in black. Tattoos using techniques of realism, classic, vintage, comic, manga … etc.

Attention-grabbing features of chest tattoos

Tattoos on the chest are one of the areas chosen by men to capture various designs, few are women who choose this place, however there are.

On the other hand, they are ideal for those individuals who consider tattoos a lifestyle, because it is a very attractive area compared to others.

Not everyone dares to get a tattoo on their chest, because it is a sensitive place that is usually more or less exposed.

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information that you should know about this topic, so that you can decide once and for all to get a tattoo on your chest.

Chest tattoos are a very valid choice if you are looking to get a tattoo in a discreet place. Because it will only be seen if you go to the pool, the beach or if you are in the privacy of the house.

In both women and men, the chest is a very interesting and fantastic part to get tattooed. A good tattoo in this area of ​​the chest is really sexy.

In addition, the possibilities are wide, since it is one of the parts of the human body large enough to put all the ink you want.

Also, as it is an almost flat surface, it helps the tattoo artist positively, because he can capture many details, add colors and shadows. They definitely attract attention and highlight this part of the human anatomy.

Do tattoos on the chest hurt a lot or not?

Do chest tattoos hurt or not? This is a very recurring question in the tattoo world, and the answer is yes, because the chest is one of the most painful areas. It is considered one of the most extreme areas to tattoo, similar to the face, ears and head.

Getting a tattoo on your chest is painful, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, it must be borne in mind that significant pain will be experienced. However, the size of the tattoo, the expert and the body come into play, because a tattoo done in the same place does not hurt the same.

The area near the nipples, being an erogenous zone, has many more nerve endings. This means that the intensity of the pain will be very acute, even more than in other areas with bone.

The sternum is another of the areas where it hurts the most to get tattoos of the whole body. If you are new to this, we recommend that you first try a tattoo in other areas to see how high your pain threshold is.

The clavicle area is also very painful, but not as painful as the breastbone or the area near the nipples. With little meat between the skin and the bone, it is an area that costs more to heal and for the ink to grip the skin.

Chest tattoos for men and women

Men choose designs for tattoos on the chest, which are related or reinforce a meaning of their life, the most popular tattoos are: a lion, a tiger, a shield of their favorite team, a name or surname, an owl accompanied by flowers, a skull, wings and a dragon. The options are endless when it comes to chest tattoos for men!

Sometimes guys choose large designs that join various areas of the body so do not forget to also visit these galleries with tattoos for men on the arm.

Some women also tattoo this place on the body, although it is a lower number compared to men. The tattoos on the chest for women are usually flowers, stars, birds, roses, cats, dogs, mandalas, hands of fatima and Mexican skulls, because they allow you to play with your clothing, to show less part of the tattoo.

Consideration to have with chest tattoos

The consideration to take during the tattoo planning process is finding and opting for an expert tattoo artist to perform chest tattoos. As they are large works full of many details, the subject who performs it must be someone very experienced.

In addition to being a very large area, if you want to tattoo the entire chest in color with many details. It has a minimum of 4 sessions of approximately 5 hours, depending on the tattoo artist and the tattoo style.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach while you are healing your tattoo. The closer the tattoo is to the nipples or sternum, the degree of pain will become excruciating.