Chinese letter tattoos are one of the most popular designs thanks to the specific meanings that each one contains. They are usually made in a small size and in areas such as the sides, arms and wrists, both in men and women.

These tattoos are popular due to the mystery of wearing a symbol that not all people understand. According to what you want to express, you can take advantage of more than one Chinese letter to capture on your skin.

Chinese letter tattoos

Chinese letter tattoos are tattoos that were once very popular thanks to the vast collection of symbols that make up the Chinese alphabet (there are said to be over 36,000 symbols).

These are letters that can be used alone or in combination with others to obtain a fuller meaning or to represent various elements such as desire, luck, beauty, spirit and so on, for whatever you want to represent.

In fact, long ago, in China, tattoos were made through a process so painful that it was said that only the brave and strong people were the ones who dared to mark their skin, just as it was common for criminals to be the to wear tattoos.

For the latter case, the characters to be used were quite different from those that are now known as part of the alphabet of this region. In any case, we must emphasize that Chinese letter tattoos also give you a certain mystery because of the meaning they hide.

Before you get a Chinese tattoo

As we mentioned, Chinese letter tattoos grant each person a certain mystery, but care must be taken as to who makes the tattoo and where the symbol to be represented on the skin is taken from, since not everyone handles the real meanings of the tattoos. .

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo of this style, we recommend that you take into account the following tips that will be of great help, especially when it comes to a culture as broad as China.

Seek guidance from an expert

The symbols of the Chinese alphabet have an individual meaning, so in the event of any error when making it, it may have a totally different meaning than the one originally sought. To avoid this, it is important to have the help of a connoisseur.

Go for a simple design

Chinese letter tattoos are characterized by the simplicity of their design, since what gives them value is their meaning itself. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid designs with tattoos other than black and that include extra elements (such as a drawing of the meaning).

Do it in a visible place

Finally, we recommend that you make this tattoo in a very easy to perceive place, because in this way, we transmit and attract what we represent with it. They are usually done on the neck, back, arms or wrists, all in medium size.