Clover Tattoos: 73 Genuine Designs

If your desire is to get a tattoo that is not so extravagant, Clover Tattoos are the best option. Apart from being recognized without problems, it will adapt perfectly to your requirements.

With just a few lines, you can turn your clover tattoos into something hidden and small. But if you want something more stylish, you can ask the tattoo artist to increase the lines and make a geometric outline.

Four leaf clover tattoos

For both men and women it is very important to get four-leaf clover tattoos, as it is highly known as an amulet in charge of giving them good luck while protecting them against any adverse situation in their day-to-day life.

On some occasions, those who decide to get a tattoo that involves the clover, accompany it with their own initials or someone special to them, as well as a number that they consider lucky.

It is said that this is a correct choice, given its permanence on your skin forever (although some people prefer to have a temporary engraving), but if we talk about combining it with a number the meaning can be repeated.

This is symbolized in the clover tattoos that are related to the family, because some people choose to tattoo the date of birth or death of a loved one.

Each leaf has its meaning, respecting its order: the first has to do with hope, followed by faith, love and fortune. There are many ways to carry out this tattoo, but there are no color options, so green will always be the protagonist.

Clover Tattoos represent luck and good fortune

As is already known, the shamrock is the living representation of good luck, which is why it is the favorite of many people who wish to carry a small souvenir in their skin. Clover tattoos are not difficult to do, as it is a simple drawing that can be done alone, although an extra element is at your expense if you decide.

Here what is truly important are your tastes, so you must make sure to design yours according to your requirements so that the final result is to your complete satisfaction.

Because it is a firm and simple design, it has the goodness of having a magnificent appearance on an aesthetic level. Remember that you can accompany it with another motive, which will make your tattoo unique and perhaps more complete at first glance.

The three-leaf clover is also very popular

Both types of tattoos hold a positive meaning, regardless of their popularity. For example, the three leaf clover has to do with the stages of life in perfect harmony like the past, present and future.

In the same way, this type of tattoo fits perfectly into the wishes of those who have confidence in the charms of this wonder of nature. Easily combinable with other elements related to your personality.

Never forget to take the respective hygiene measures when making your precious clover tattoos, so that you can keep a beautiful memory on your skin without adverse situations in between.

Also take good care of it when you are at home and do not do anything that could be put at risk, until you can already show it off and show off to your friends and family without fear of anything.

The three-leaf is somewhat easy to find, while the odds of finding the four-leaf are a bit of an uphill climb. That this does not depress you, take it with you forever and thus avoid looking for something that is difficult to find in nature, but not impossible.