The cool tattoos that you can find today are characterized not only by the motif embodied, but by the details and techniques used. Likewise, we can say that they are tattoos that you can find for both men and women.

These chingones tattoos can combine different techniques and colors for an original and personalized result, so many of them are usually done in large areas such as the arms or the back; to a lesser extent, they tend to be minimalist.

How to choose a good and cool tattoo?

Finding a wide variety of options when it comes to cool tattoos, you may find yourself feeling lost over the choice. However, keep in mind that if you have a slight idea of ​​what you want to capture, the creation of the design will be simple.

With all this, we recommend that you take into account the following tips that will facilitate your choice.

Avoid hastily deciding

Since tattoos are brands that you will always carry, we recommend that you think very well about the design you want to capture. Many times on impulse or indecision we choose a design that over time we think was not the best choice.

Try to make an eraser

If you have several ideas of cool tattoos in mind, we recommend you capture them on a sheet just as you would like your tattoo to be. In this way, whoever is going to tattoo you can improve the design and bring it closer to what you really want to capture on your skin.

Try a temporary tattoo

If you have thought about and reconsidered the option of getting a tattoo, we recommend opting for a temporary one. In this way, you can decide if you really want to get a permanent brand and the best place to get it.

Cool tattoos for men

As the number of options in terms of cool tattoos is quite wide, below we share some of the best design options if you are a man and you are thinking of getting a tattoo.

Maori or striped and mandala tattoos are an excellent option that is also used to attract good things to life; These are designs that can be complemented with fill or shading techniques.

If you are looking for another more striking option, we recommend you tattoo an animal that identifies you, an important date or a tattoo with symbolism such as those of life and death; in these cases there are those who even opt for angel wings, skulls and Greek goddesses.

Cool tattoos for women

In the case of cool tattoos for women, it is also possible to find variety in terms of designs. You can opt for minimalist flower designs, minimalist birds (and with a watercolor effect), hearts and animals.

If on the other hand you are looking for a retro option, there are various tattoo designs inspired by cartoons such as the powerpuff girls or in silhouettes of women that will look elegant and striking or if you prefer something simple, you can opt for short and inspiring phrases for the arm area.