66 Beautiful Daisy Tattoos

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Daisy flowers are well known worldwide, in part because of their large proportion of beauty that makes them up, to the point of making daisy tattoos common, which partly adopt the same belief or meaning that is found on the flower, although in the end each tattoo takes on a personal nuance.

From its own name, certain meanings that it has taken over time shine through, which reinforces the fact that it is a symbolic flower that becomes an inspiring tattoo, if you are thinking of choosing this alternative, you can explore background all the ideas that are formulated based on this tattoo.

The meaning behind daisy tattoos

In the first instance, daisy tattoos receive the designation of “The eye of the day”, since in English it gets the name of “Daisy”, that is to say it comes from “Day’s Eye”, and reinforces the action that this flower performs, since that at night it closes, and after each day, repeats the movement of opening.

This daily awakening, added to her aesthetic beauty, make her a clear figure of originality to be tattooed, this also corresponds to her scientific name, which translates into the affirmation of being a perennial beauty, without leaving aside the religious value that this flower has acquired over time by accompanying certain saints.

Although culturally this kind of daisy tattoos are installed as a call to innocence, they also have a great relationship with the theme of children, and their white color refers to peace and harmony, so it reinforces that spiritual feeling of be in sync with these feelings.

On the other hand, when a yellow daisy is observed, it has an ingrained concept about love, therefore some tattoos dedicated to love receive this color, without forgetting the touch of design that makes each one retain a high level of originality that returns to each tattoo a powerful definition of himself.

The popular daisy tattoo design

The preference for daisy tattoos is established as an attraction due to its high level of expression, where mostly women use this figure on the ankles and shoulders to seek to expose the design of delicacy that is normally established on this exclusive tattoo model.

The simplicity and the petals of the daisies are the starting point to make a great design, each person transmits enormous optimism for this figure, so having the opportunity and the dream of tattooing this flower is an open door to let out your passion for this type of appearance.

The colors and designs of this kind of tattoo are really diverse, even with black ink they end up causing that fixation due to the concentration of those small details, and the colorful ones let out the large number of ideas associated with a concept of the flower itself, everything tattoo is the beginning of inspiration.