Dark tattoos are a trend that are characterized by having high levels of ink, standing out mainly for the shadows and fills in their design to look good. They usually take a long time and are ideal for fair skin.

These dark tattoos usually need to be retouched over the years and are usually made up of very elaborate designs that play with light, shadows and even with certain techniques. Of them we can also say that they must be carried out in large areas.

Why choose a dark tattoo?

One of the most outstanding characteristics of dark tattoos, and the one that you should consider to get this type of tattoo, is that they allow freedom in terms of designs. These tattoos are generally quite large and are made up of lines and silhouettes.

There are those who choose to make the face of a person or mystical character with this technique, just as there are those who prefer to make mandalas or animals. In any case, they are designs that require time and dedication to make them look good.

Dark tattoos are also a type of tattoo that must be retouched over the year, as the intensity of the ink (only dark) deteriorates, as well as its elaboration can take more than a day, depending on the type of design that has been chosen one.

Tips for getting a dark tattoo

Dark tattoos are a mark on our skin that will accompany us forever, so it is important, before getting said tattoo, take into account certain aspects that will be of great help before and during the tattooing process.

Find a professional

Nowadays there are many people who are starting in the world of tattooing, so the experience in terms of the application of techniques is quite short. Therefore, it is important to find a professional tattoo artist who can apply the dark technique without any problem.

Prepare yourself psychologically

Although it is true that tattoos hurt only in some parts of the body, they can also cause pain depending on how much filling they need. Being a dark tattoo, you should be aware that you will have to spend a long time without moving while the tattoo artist designs and fills.

Invest in care

Dark tattoos, more than any other type of tattoo, require constant and specific care (with creams and lotions). Therefore, before getting a tattoo, this aspect should be taken into account to ensure a good appearance for longer.

Dark tattoo ideas

If you are thinking of getting a dark tattoo, but you don’t know what to get, we recommend some designs; For those who are fans of figures, a Maori tattoo with the dark technique can be a good option especially in men.

In women, there are those who opt for butterflies or mandalas on the arms or back, using the shadows in it and combining some simple colors for a better result. If animals are not your thing, you can opt for flowers or Greek gods.