Dolphin tattoos are widely used today, mainly by women since it is a fish that, in addition to reigning in the world of fish, is considered feminine in nature and with which various important qualities can be represented.

Dolphin tattoos can be made in different sizes, styles and with unique designs according to what you want to represent, so it is a great option for those who love nature, so you will find different designs and options for it. .


Meaning of dolphin tattoos

Dolphin tattoos are very popular not only because these animals are considered the kings of the sea, but because they are characterized by being very intelligent animals, as well as having other positive characteristics worth highlighting.

Dolphins have been animals that for many years have been known to guide human beings when they were shipwrecked at sea; For this reason, they are in charge of representing harmony, joy (due to their constant smile) and grace.

They also represent prosperity, protection and guidance, family (as they are found in packs), intelligence, free spirit, generosity, and much more. Even they are symbolizing aspects related to Christ.

Finally, we can say that the meaning of dolphin tattoos is related to astrological and mythological aspects. In the first case, dolphins accompanied by the sun can symbolize vitality and health.

When these tattoos are complemented by the moon, they can signify femininity, dreams and intuition; while when it comes to the mythological part, they symbolize the gods because their figure refers to the duality of the personality.

Types of dolphin tattoos

By symbolizing different qualities, the meaning of dolphin tattoos can also vary according to the elements that are used as a complement in the design. In this way, we can highlight the following meanings:

Tribal dolphins

These dolphin designs are mainly attached to nature, representing this connection with nature and with the family. These tribal designs linked with these animals also represent the connection with the ocean and harmony.

Dolphins with butterflies

Dolphin tattoos that are complemented with butterflies refer to elements such as water or air, as well as can represent the freedom that both animals enjoy. Although they are the least frequent, they are the most striking designs.

Dolphins with hearts

Contrary to what many people believe, hearts are a great ally to represent compassion, spirituality and even emotional ties between family, friends or the community of your choice.

All this will vary according to the way in which you want to represent these animals, being able to include color or other aspects that make your design something unique, as well as according to the size of the tattoo you want.