Dragon Ball is the most important anime manga in history. Akira Toriyama’s franchise has millions of fans around the world and that means there are a myriad of elements related to the series. Figures, clothing and also works of art and thus reach the field of tattoos.

Fans of the series express their love for Dragon Ball by tattooing moments from the anime that most marked them in their lives. And that is why today there are countless tattoo studios where they make incredible Dragon Ball tattoos.

Fanaticism for Dragon Ball tattoos

Dragon Ball tattoos are designed for a specific audience who show their fanaticism for the best series of all time. Gohan, Vegeta and Goku among other characters are the most sought after by the public.

Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball series, he is a low-class Saiyan who has fought against all odds, even coming to possess the power of the gods themselves in Dragon Ball Super. A Goku tattoo represents a person who never gives up despite the problems he may present.

Vegeta is Goku’s rival, this is a high-class Saiyan who always tries to increase his strength and does not allow himself to be overcome by Kakarot. Unlike Goku, Vegeta achieved it without the help of the masters, it was only in Dragon Ball Super that he became a disciple of Wiss) and that is why he is very loved by all fans of the series.

Tattoos Dragon Balls, are the most important objects of the entire Dragon Ball series. These spheres are capable of satisfying any wish through the Shen Long dragon found within these objects. There are 7 spheres that are scattered over a certain planet (Earth or Namekusei) or universe (Universe 6 and 7).

If he is wearing a Dragon Ball tattoo, it means that he is looking for or has already achieved all his dreams and goals. In addition, among the quoted Dragon Balls tattoos we find Bulma together with Goku as the main characters of the series, since these two began the adventures of Dragon Ball both in the manga and in the anime.

Discover the most impressive Dragon Ball tattoo designs

Dragon Ball is an anime that has captivated millions of people around the world, and tattoos inspired by its characters and symbols are becoming more and more popular among fans. In our gallery of Dragon Ball tattoo images you will find designs of all types, from small and subtle to large and detailed, that capture the essence of this anime and the energy of its characters.

If you are a Dragon Ball fan and you are looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, do not miss this collection of images that we have prepared for you. You will see tattoos of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and other iconic characters, as well as symbols such as the Kanji for “Kame” or the Shenlong dragon. In addition, you will be able to learn the history behind some of these designs and discover the techniques that the artists used to create them.

Do not stay without exploring this impressive collection of Dragon Ball tattoos and find the perfect design for you!

Dragon Ball tattoos are energetic and vibrant. In general, they are usually characters or other symbols of the series. They are usually displayed in many colors or in grayscale. The minimalist Dragon Ball tattoos are made with elements such as monkey tails, dragon balls or fighting spaces that have left a great value.

Small tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but it is recommended to place them on the forearm or wrist. To give that full meaning to the tattoo in a simplified way, a phrase from the series in Japanese or another language is a great combination. It is for this reason that Dragon Ball tattoos are a great option.

Areas like the legs, arms, and back are often completely covered by Dragon Balls tattoos. However, if you want a slightly more concealed tattoo, opt for areas such as the foot, neck, hips or wrist.

If you don’t know anything about this anime and your intention is to get a tattoo for fashion or improve your style, you are making a serious mistake, maybe after a while you will know the background of Dragon Ball and realize that it was not for nothing. you or that you have chosen a character that does not suit your mindset and personality.

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