83 Dragonfly Tattoos in Images

Dragonfly tattoos and their meaning

Over the years, tattoos have ceased to be a taboo among the new generation of the 21st century. More than a free expression in which individuals decide to mark on their bodies moments, experiences, tastes, among others, through illustrations that symbolize more than what one can capture with the naked eye.

Dragonfly tattoos have been around for millennia; they all have different purposes. Brands for warriors, royalty, conquerors, etc. The reality is that today, having a tattoo can reflect a need without a special concept as it can come with a great emotional charge.

That is why animal tattoos portray those emotions better than any other image; One of the most acclaimed is dragonfly tattoos. Its meaning inside and outside the skin has a lot to say about the person who wears it. Keep reading and learn more about this type of tattoo and what it influences the person who wears it.

What are dragonflies?

It is a very nice species of insect that is characterized by having wings that cannot fold the wings over its abdomen; They carry two pairs of elongated and transparent wings, their large and multifaceted eyes provide them with a 360 view of everything around them, together with this they finish conforming with a litmus-like surface.

Certainly, for some the dragonfly is a somewhat strange species due to its physiognomy. Among other things that make it an exotic species is its existence in the world; Since Paleolithic times, the dragonfly has coexisted with other groups of insects as one of the oldest living beings on earth.

His physical changes have given him the preservation of it; thanks to this, today we can enjoy this wonderful and enigmatic living being

Dragonfly tattoo symbolism

Outside of scientific concepts, the dragonfly has various symbolisms that have cataloged it as one of the most demanded tattoos from the 40’s onwards, having a presence in various techniques that have turned it into a total art.

Capturing a dragonfly tattoo will influence its meaning much more depending on a specific technique. For example:

Old school

The famous technique that gave birth to tattoos as an expressive method among the American male community in the 1940s. A flat drawing style predominates with very thick black lines; His illustrations cover much of man’s daily life: women, games of chance, wild animals, military symbols and patriots.

It was not long after that the dragonfly was incorporated among the most requested tattoos for the American female part. In it purity and freedom are marked.

Black and white

Tattoos were originally featured in black and white with grayscale much later. The reflected images could be mixed with other techniques.

Not having color made them feel more attracted to the illustrations marked on the skin of those who decided to tattoo with this technique. The sense of emptiness gives rise to visualize in more detail to achieve a meaning and an end.

Hence the dragonfly is shown, regardless of the mixed technique, as a symbol of tranquility, depth and reflection.

Geometric or minimalist

One of the techniques most implemented in this new century is the simplicity with which the geometric or minimalist technique contributes to the illustrations embodied in tattoos.

Many of these are composed of black lines preserving the black and white style.

The dragonfly has an almost mystical presence within this branch due to the infinite possibilities of reflecting it in a set of symmetrical shapes that together will give life to the exotic insect. Here we can express finesse, guidance and sometimes total perfection.