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Why the tattoos on the ear?

Many will think that tattoos on the ear are strange and different, however, this is one of the most frequent sites for a tattoo since immemorial times, since tattoos on the ear are made by culture in several specific places in the world, on all on the Asian and African continent.

In the ear, multiple designs can be made despite being such a small space, some are made at the cartilage level, while others are made on the back of the ear.

The tattoos on the ear are famous for being the most particular designs in the world of ink, all this thanks to the multiple phases or links that you can make at the level of this organ, not only in the natural world but in the mystical world. .

Many decide to get a tattoo on the ear since this organ represents a primordial sense, for which a tattoo of this type is capable of representing great hope and expectations on their canvases. Ear tattoos are one of those tattoos that will not go out of style.

Meaning of ear tattoos

It is really common to see people with tattoos on the ear, but many of these people ignore the great meaning that a tattoo like this has, they simply get tattoos on this site for simple aesthetics or fashion.

It is no secret to anyone that the beginnings of tattoos referred to cultural themes of great religious significance, however, tattoos on the ear had a great level or ancestral meaning, in addition to wisdom in various cultures.

One of the favorite images for tattoos on the ear is that of yin and yang, which as we well know, this is the representation that in all darkness there is light and that in all light there is darkness, this being the living image of a perfect balance.

In addition to the meanings that tattoos on the ear can have linked to balance, taking into account that the ear is a fundamental organ for maintaining body balance, it also has its representation in Western astrology.

The tattoos on the ear represent the emotional nature of human beings, many times, characterizing that internal “I”, especially if it is that childish and innocent part that we all had at some point in our lives, until with the passing of time we undergo a transformation or change.

One of the curiosities of the meaning of tattoos on the ear is that it dates back to the time of the Egyptians, where their type of writing can be visualized, referring to their religion or ancestral customs.

In the hieroglyphs of this ancient culture, the sun was venerated as one of the greatest mystical figures. For this reason, the Egyptians, who were one of the first to use body ink, applied it to them from eye level to ear.

By this we mean that an image captured in your ear could already represent a great religious devotion or in other cases, manifest the power of the Egyptian gods in your body.

Best ear tattoo designs

At present, we could say that among the favorite designs for tattoos on the ear, are marine animals, tribal and of course, all the symbols that are linked to music.

Another of the ear tattoo designs that are the most sought after is, of course, the tattoo where the phases of the moon are displayed. This tattoo is often requested a lot by women around the world. It is not often that you come across a man with an ear tattoo, unless he has a great devotion and love for music.

The tattoos on the ear are very delicate and refined, this is one of the reasons why women like them, since, with the help of the shape of the ear, they can capture roses and vines that resemble tendrils or earrings that are in fashion.

Rarely, tattoos on the ear are in color, because they are very small, canvases always prefer black or dark tones. It is possible to see small names in other languages ​​tattooed on the back of the ear.