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Egyptian letter tattoos

You may have found people wanting to get an Egyptian letter tattoo, but many times they end up being confused with Arabic letters. The Egyptian letters have nothing to do with the Arabic alphabet, since the Egyptians at that time used hieroglyphs to in one way or another transmit mythological knowledge and history.

Although for many it is still totally impossible to know the terms of the hieroglyphs, it is only enough to inform yourself a little and know part of Egyptian history to find one that you may find pleasant.

With the help of the Internet it is possible that you will find some hieroglyphs already deciphered, this will facilitate your work when choosing a design that suits what you are looking for and mainly your tastes.

Egyptian tattoos designs and meanings

As is known, the Egyptian civilization was one of the oldest in the world, they were people who managed to excel in art and lifestyle.

The use of tattoos was one of the elements that they particularly used to represent their society, almost always related to priestesses, princesses and dancers who tattooed various patterns of parallel lines to represent something specific.

Each tattoo has a meaning, some mention the way of life of a person and others the supernatural world. Egyptian tattoos these days are very popular and possibly an option if you decide to get a tattoo.

We have also seen in recent times how Viking tattoos and Maori tattoos were gaining more popularity.

If you are a tattoo lover, you may have noticed that the art of the pyramids is transferred in Egyptian tattoos in an artificial way.

Well, with this, it seeks to try that the magic and mystery that enveloped the Egyptian past, is transferred to people these days through tattoos.

Each tattoo is chosen by men and women to be stamped on various parts of the body, whether in designs, colors and sizes.

Before we start, you need to know that Egyptian tattoos are one of the most popular designs these days, and not only because of how nice it looks, but also because of the origin and its ancient history.

On this occasion we will introduce you to some designs that you may like and not only aesthetically, but also because of the meaning that each one of them hides. These are the most classic Egyptian tattoo designs:

Ankh Tattoo

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest symbols and is usually represented in a rounded cross at the top, which means eternal life. It is a nice design and can be adjusted to any part of the body, if it gets small it is much better.

Eye of Horus Tattoo

It was one of the symbols most used in ships, amulets and bracelets in the days when the Egyptian culture ruled many peoples, they were even used in rituals to heal and purify their leaders. It is also known as Udyat, a symbol that represents protection and cosmic stability.

Anubis Tattoo

This design represents the god of the dead, in that sense. However, if a person decides to get a tattoo with this design, it only means protection from death, because you can clearly see how the design works on a man and the head of a jackal.

Phoenix Tattoo (Phoenix Bird)

In Egyptian culture this bird was known as Bennu, and it represented the soul of Ra. But according to Bennu mythology, this bird is born from the ashes of the sacred tree located very close to the temple of RA. Usually, those people who decide to get a tattoo with this design, only try to attract good vibes through rebirth.