Welcome to our tattoo website! Here you will find images of the most beautiful and original tattoos on the net updated this year 2021! We show you the largest gallery with photos of tattoos on the entire network.

With more than 60,000 photos of new tattoos where to look for that design, drawing, idea or style that you need so that a tattoo artist can capture something original by tattooing your skin.

Browse our image browser through the photos of all the galleries from down here. Or access from the menu to the category of tattoos you prefer.

In The Best Tattoos you have at your disposal an extensive gallery of tattoos. For both professionals and design lovers and anyone who needs a little inspiration when choosing a body tattoo.

Discover the most extensive variety in categories and make that idea that makes you different from others a reality, you have at your disposal a whopping more than 60,000 photos with tattoos that do not stop increasing day by day. Access the image gallery right now and find the tattoo made for you.

Galleries with the most exclusive tattoos on the Internet

With more than 120 categories that include the styles: Traditional, Realistic, Old School, Celtic, Mayan and Tribal; among many others. And those ideal options for your back, neck, thighs, pelvis, forearms, chest, hands or the area of ​​your preference.

Both men and women will find the ideal sample for your tattoo artist to make all your dreams come true in ink. To express your personality, adorn your body or pay tribute to the most important people and events in your life.

Just go to the gallery link and explore the category you like the most. All designs are efficiently organized according to the style, the body area, or the drawing trend they represent.

Thus, tattoo lovers can decide between the simplest and most minimalist designs or the most complex and impressive. Also, you can get the inspiration and details that you want to incorporate into your works or the most popular tattoos of today.

The impressive gallery of tattoos grows every day thanks to the contributions of tattoo professionals. And the fans of this artistic expression, who make available to all their best works.

Our main objective is to share art, and serve as inspiration for the creation of original designs. Publicize the different styles and put at your fingertips the details that make a tattoo a unique work on each body.

Tattoo images in excellent quality

The beauty of a tattoo is based on the way each stroke expresses a message. To design an unforgettable work it is necessary to pay attention to all its lines. And apply the correct techniques to achieve the desired light and color effect.

When it comes to finding inspiration, a picture is not enough; If this does not appreciate the effort of the tattoo artist and the technique used in its elaboration. The photos of the best tattoos in optimized galleries that we have for you allow you to detail each space of the tattoo with great precision.

Each image that we have specially and meticulously selected can be seen in close-up. Sized to detail even the finest detail, even if the end result has not been entirely good. As; You will also be able to realize the mistakes made and leave clear examples of what you do not want to have on your skin.

Whether it is to start working on your own tattoo designs, improve your drawing techniques or find examples of the appropriate proportions for each area of ​​the body, you have reached the ideal website. Without a doubt, practice makes perfect but having such good examples can make your journey less complicated.

Our tattoo gallery has been created with the sharpest images and with the highest definition, which will really serve to indicate to your tattoo artist a clear idea of ​​your preferences.

Original tattoos in trend for 2021

Tattoo styles and trends in 2021 change over time. Although some traditional styles remain intact, the mergers of two or more styles have led to new designs and unique creations this year.

Tribal tattoos with incorporation of letters, or the new trend of tattoos related to horror, adventure or science fiction movies. Each new creation, in any field, opens up a world of possibilities for this art.

In addition to the growing number of personalities that now more and more display their tattoos without reservation. A new movement has brought tattoos as an important part of the characters in artistic productions.

Thus, television, music, and even the pornography industry; distinguishes its most important representatives for their works of art in ink. Bringing to everyday an artistic expression that was criticized for a long time and today, it even receives important awards.

Tattoo blog with the most interesting news

Enter our Tattoo blog and find out about the latest news in the world of tattoos. New tips, fashions and techniques that have marked the skin ink industry.

Those who are looking for their first experience, or for tattooists and tattoo salon owners will find here in a clear and entertaining way, the basic recommendations when it comes to tattooing. And even the most relevant data on tattoo machines from ancient times to the present.

Learn about the security measures and the demands of the tattoo market around the world. Everything you need to open your store and the new regulations in Spain and worldwide.

Discover the favorite designs of the famous with the styles that set trends for athletes, actors and personalities. He knows today the stories that gave rise to the most impressive works and shares with the protagonists the experience of a profession that does not stop growing.

Likewise, you will discover the myths and truths of tattoos, as well as the care that guarantees the health and preservation of these. All while taking a walk through the work of hundreds of artists who have started their careers.

In short, we are the most complete guide to select the best place, time and area of the body to get tattooed. Or everything pertinent to start your first work on the skin.

The information you need to know, from the hand of true professionals and experts, you can only find it on the web www.losmejorestatuajes.org, specialists in the most interesting options to express your essence through a fantastic tattoo made for you.



There are already more than 120 galleries with images of the best exclusive tattoos of everything you can imagine and that is that thousands of tattoo artists have captured their work of a lifetime on the body of other people. And there is graphic evidence of it so you can browse, see, compare and get a much clearer and more concise idea of the tattoo you want.

Our website is continuously growing, we add new pages and entries with more photos of impressive tattoos that you will surely want to know.

Access the different galleries most sought after by all tattoo-loving fans to choose the ones that you like the most. From them you can see all the tattoos that give you time, there are thousands of them.

Do not get carried away by the excitement of tattooing something similar to the first thing you see, remember that originality today is something to take into account, especially when it comes to the ink that you will wear throughout your life captured under your skin .

Every day we add more new designs so that you can tattoo them all over your body and galleries full of images. Browse the thousands of original and exclusive tattoo designs that you will only find on our website.

Photos of the best tattoos in optimized galleries

Access the galleries with images of tattoos separated by categories from the top menu. Be patient for the images to load, handling so many images requires a lot of resources from the server.

Tattoo images are usually the ideal ones to get an idea of what we are looking for, since they allow us to see how it could look once on our skin.

We have to bear in mind that each body is different and that this undoubtedly affects the final result of the tattoo. But roughly it is much better to see a fairly similar design on someone’s skin, than to see the design only as an image without knowing how the final result would be.

That is why many of the tattoo parlors have their own catalog or photo book. Which has been created from the best tattoos made by resident tattoo artists generally.


Images of the most handsome tattoos on the net

Although sometimes they can also bring guest tattooists to the tattoo parlor for a certain time. So new clients can judge how the people who have decided to tattoo before them have gotten tattooed and accordingly choose the one that best fits your pocket.

This is also a good way to see how good the artists who work there are. In the world of tattoos, not all styles are equally well suited to everyone.

There are people who are incredibly good at drawing realism of animals, for example. But he is not so good at portraits in realism. So you should choose a tattoo artist specialized in the style and design that best suits what you are looking for.

You can also appreciate more or less what each tattoo artist specializes in. Since some are experts in the use of color, while others handle finishes that are only in black and white very well, creating a game of shadows to make it quite visually impressive.

Photos of original and modern tattoos

With many images of completely different designs, you can also decide on the type of idea that convinces you the best. Maybe a cute little tattoo on the wrist, ankle, or a tattoo on the arm. Or if on the contrary you want something that stands out much more and you are looking for a tattoo that completely fills your back.

Seeing this type of photos can also help us to better visualize this type of thing and get new original ideas.

Nowadays, seeing high-quality tattoos with many details is no longer as complicated as it used to be. And we owe all this to the Internet facilities, since a few years ago if you wanted to get a tattoo you had to go directly to the tattoo parlor to be able to see the catalog of the good tattoos they had there. But this could turn out to be quite an overwhelming experience for the shy ones.

It was also a practice that was very limited, since in that case you can only see the work of the artists who work there.

While with the Internet, you can practically see the work of many tattoo artists in your region through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pintorest, among other social networks.

And so you have the possibility of being able to go even where the tattoo artist you like the most is just so that it is that specific person who tattoos you, since you have full confidence in the quality of the work they do.

Once you have the photos of the best tattoos that you would be most interested in getting a tattoo, you can better tell the tattoo artist what the design you want is like and in which part of the body you think it will look best.

In general, tattoo artists do not limit themselves to copying the work of others, but they can develop a copied tattoo in their style. Or as a result of choosing the ones you like the most, design something exclusively for you that more closely resembles your personal taste.

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