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With 43.643 images to find that design, drawing or style you need for a tattoo artist can transform it into a beautiful tattoo super original. To be able to navigate through the paging of the galleries correctly, you must view the website in Spanish.

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Access the different categories most sought after by fanatics who love the most beautiful tattoos in the entire universe. From them you can see all the pictures of tattoos that you have time to see. Enjoy more tattoo images than any other web page.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the excitement of tattooing something similar to the first thing you like, remember that originality today is something to keep in mind especially when it comes to ink that you would have worn all your life under your skin. body. Every day we add new designs, you must choose from thousands of original tattoo designs.

Use great tattoo photos

The photos of tattoos tend to be ideal because they allow us to see how it could once be on our skin. We have to keep in mind that each body is different and that this undoubtedly affects the final result of the tattoo. But to a great extent it is much better to see a moderately similar design in the skin of someone else than to see the design only as an image without knowing how the final result would be.

That is why many of the tattoo parlors have their own catalog of photographs. It has been created from tattoos made by resident tattoo artists generally. Although sometimes they can also take tattoo artists to the tattoo parlor during a certain time. So new clients can judge how tattooed people have decided to tattoo before them.

This is also a good way to see how good the artists who work there are. In the world of tattoos not all styles are given equally well to everyone. There are people who are incredibly good at drawing realism in animals, for example. But he does not like portraits in realism so well. So you must choose the best tattooist depending on the style of tattoo you want from your specialty.

You can also appreciate more or less in which each tattoo artist is specialized. Since some are experts in the use of color, while others are very good at handling the finishes that are only in black and white, creating a game of shadows quite shocking.

Choose only the best tattoos

fotos de tattoos
Tattooed woman

With many images of designs you can also opt for the type of idea that convinces you best. Maybe a nice little tattoo on the wrist or a tattoo on the arm. Or if on the contrary you want something that stands out much more and you are looking for a tattoo that completely fills your back. Seeing this type of photos can also help us to better visualize this type of things.

The truth is that seeing handsome tattoos is not as complicated as before. And all this we owe to Internet facilities, because some years ago if you wanted to get a tattoo you had to go directly to the tattoo parlor to see the catalog of good tattoos there. But this could turn out to be quite an overwhelming experience.

Besides, it was very limited, since in that case you can only see the work of the artists who work there. While with the Internet you can practically see the work of many tattoo artists in your region through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pintorest. And this way you have the possibility of being able to go even to where you like the most so that it is that specific person who tattooes you, since you have full confidence in the quality of the work you do.

Once you have the photos of the tattoos that you like, you can tell the tattoo artist what you want best. Generally tattooists do not limit themselves to copying the work of others, but they can develop a copied tattoo to their style. Or as a result of choosing the ones you like most, design something exclusively for you that resembles more to your personal taste.

The fashion of tattooing

Although tattoos have been present in our society for a long time, it is not until now that we have seen how their use has been normalized. Previously they were associated to conflictive people like hooligans, delinquents and convicts. But celebrities and celebrities have put this fashionable phenomenon back on again. How are the great players, singers, actors, youtubers, influencers … etc. All have helped to socially bring tattoos to look otherwise completely different. And one of the most searched on the Internet is about celebrity tattoos.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to see tattooed policemen and a lot of workers who work in front of the public. Urban clothing models wear almost all tattoos on many parts of their bodies and even on their faces. The tattoos have passed in a short time of being completely stigmatized, to be a form of aesthetic and artistic expression of the current society.

What tattoo designs to choose

Many people when they are thinking about becoming one. First they look for photos to see how they can be left in the skin of another person and a little bit also to see what they want or get ideas. This is usually quite common especially with first-time people, as they still have many doubts about whether they should be tattooed.

Who has not felt the urge to get a tattoo sometime? Everyone at some point has been stung by curiosity. If you still have not become one, surely it is because you have not found the ideal model. Usually, we all feel a little scared the first time. It’s about marking our skin forever with something that really identifies us in some way. So when it comes to taking the step we have to be very sure. Choose the best ones and ask your friends to see what they think before deciding.

What do you want to convey? What message seek to make known? To choose your ideal tattoo it is best to select a style and then see as many tattoos as possible of that style and then save the images of your favorites.

The truth is that we encourage you to try the experience for yourselves. They will realize that tattoos are one more way of expressing what we are really like without exchanging any words. Regardless of the type of tattoo we make or the design to choose. The tattoo will end up being something very special, unique and exclusive for us.

You have to collect as many ideas to find the best tattoos among the millions of designs that exist. Ideas that adapt to your own personal tastes.

To consider before tattooing

fotos de tatuajes
Chest and neck tattoo

Also keep in mind that you do not have to get a huge tattoo on your entire shoulder, or something like your first tattoo. Unless it is what you really want, keep in mind

that you can try in some small places to see how you feel since we do not all have the same sensitivity to pain and the threshold of pain can also differ greatly from one person to another.

If finally you opt for a tattoo too big, you will have to endure many hours of pain. And possibly divided into several sessions, if you’re not completely sure you can handle it, do not do it. Or you may end up abandoning the idea of ​​tattooing by leaving it half-hearted.

More painful areas to get tattooed

Some of the most tattooed areas of the body today are the calves, arms, forearms and feet. Especially for its ease to show or cover them according to what is desired at the moment

This is because they are areas in which you can have a small special image for you without being too showy for others. Another place where you can put cute little tattoos, is in the back of the ear.

Although the truth is this is an option that is recommended only to the strongest people. Since it does not matter how simple or small the tattoo is, this is an area where it hurts a lot to get tattooed.

One of the areas not suitable for anyone to tattoo is where less meat we have and the skin is closer to the bone. Like the hands, sternum, clavicles, head, feet and ribs.

Another of the most painful areas are the most sensitive. Also known to be erogenous zones, what makes them more perceptible and delicate. As would be the areas of the body closest to nipples, neck, genitals, pelvis and armpits.

Different styles of tattoos


This style requires a specialist. The technique needs perseverance and patience; These are small dots instead of using shadows or blocks of color. It is used a lot with portraits and religious themes. It is also quite frequent its use with geometric figures. One of the most used colors in this technique is gray.


You can identify this technique quickly because its style seeks to be equal to a real photograph. It is used a lot to make portraits and for this almost all needles are used. It requires a long work in which many times you have to make adjustments to really give a realistic meaning.

Also a lot of color is used, although it implies much more difficulty and not all the tattooers dominate this technique. The final result in the hands of a professional is amazing, with a very handsome finish similar to an authentic photo.


Seeks to look like one of those loose sketches on a piece of paper. With a unique and simple touch this style came to delight us. The designs are minimalist and usually only highlights black and gray. It will be like seeing an unfinished pencil drawing. The result is beautiful.


As the name implies, all those that only include lines and geometric figures. They can be designed with colors or with black. The result will be incredible if many figures are combined.


When we look for tattoos this can be one of the most striking. Why? Because they are risky tattoos where the black color plays a major role. Large areas of skin are painted with this color and the empty spaces are filled with quite complex geometric figures. Many call it as neotribal.

Abstract realism

Regarding the game of colors and everything related to creation, it is similar to photographic realism. The difference is that here the design is abstract and inspired by fantasy. Tattoos include the colors and lines of hyperrealism so they can be considered authentic works of art.

As you can see these are some of the most famous tattoo styles. But there are many others, including some that have been maintained for hundreds of years. Remember that if you make the decision to get a tattoo you have to select a style that you like and fit your personality, as it will be for life. Good luck!


It is a style of tattoos that are usually done in color with a classic, oriental, sailor, American, vintage, pin up or retro touch. Looking for a more artistic and less realistic tattoo style. Possibly more typical of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Old comics and comics are also often sources of inspiration.

Tattoos Drawings

imágenes de tatuajes
Tattoo Phoenix

It may not look like it but tattooing can easily become a very complicated process for the person. There are times when people know specifically what they want to tattoo. But in other cases the opposite happens. You should see a lot of drawings of the tattoos on this website before choosing a design.

It is quite common to see people who have an immense desire to tattoo and do not decide. But the truth is that they do not know well, that this may be because they have not yet come up with that unique and particular drawing. One that is able to identify what they are feeling inside.

And just as months can go by, you can spend years without ending up getting that long-awaited tattoo just because you do not spend a little time on a well-made search for the things that identify you as individuals.

Obviously in many cases it is the first tattoos that are made and surely want them to be quite special and meaningful. But we also have to remember that tattooing is a personal decision, those who should be comfortable with the tattoo are us.

So do not be afraid of wanting to tattoo a funny picture or that you simply like because it lacks that super deep message that many people usually exhibit when it comes to tattooing. This is an art that is able to externalize what we carry inside and many times that is easier than it seems.

We are sure that many people simply think too much and once they have their first tattoo they will want to get more done. They will simply let their instinct guide them in the search for images, drawings and symbols that they love.

Suggestions for your next tattoo

The truth is that thanks to the Internet, making a search for any drawing for tattoos is much easier, artists usually have pages on social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) in which they are exhibiting their art so that everyone can see it. Although the best option is to do it directly from our photo gallery with the best Internet tattoos.

You can find quite interesting designs, one of the trends that is currently having the greatest impact are geometric tattoos. These seek to simplify the appearance, especially of animals, to be represented in the tattoo. Some pretty common are the lion, the tiger, the fox or the wolf.

But the truth is that you can place the animal that you want. It would be a matter of you taking an example of this style with the person who is going to tattoo you so that you know more or less what you want.

Another of the most popular designs there is that of manga type tattoos. But particularly those that are inspired by nature. The truth is that this design is a little more popular in men’s tattoos. But we have no doubt that it would be perfect for a girl. More and more women are encouraged to tattoo whole arms, usually in color.

In these tattoos you can see how the silhouette of forests or forests in the skin of people is beautifully immortalized. Maybe this is our interpretation but sometimes these tattoos are quite representative about the people who wear them, since the forest can in a certain way symbolize our own personal growth.

Trends in new tattoos

The use of skulls has also had a rejuvenation. We have seen how the skulls are now mixed with quite interesting styles. Which being quite frank, are incredibly cool.

Tattoos inspired by the symbols of Hinduism are also having great success. If you are a tattoo artist you may find many requests for Mandalas, which we recommend you practice. In addition to that many people decide to accompany this type of symbols with unique and special details.

The design of the Catrinas is also becoming quite popular among the public. This is a tattoo design that takes a great source of inspiration in this character of Mexican culture. In which we can see a girl with a makeup that simulates death. They are often considered tattoos for girls, but they are the opposite.

Finally, there are also the most surrealistic tattoos that use watercolor effects. This may be much longer and more difficult to perform. But the final result always ends up being an incredible work of art.

With this last style of watercolor, we can wear the tattoo as they are represented, particularly the dreams, as well as the feathers of different birds.