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Arabic letter tattoos

Arabic letter tattoos have gained popularity in both men and women, especially celebrities, to the point of making them a fad that is hard to ignore. And it’s completely normal, because Arabic letters look great on any tattoo. Whether alone or accompanying another design, Arabic writing gives the tattoo an aura of mystery (unless you know the language).

Arab tattoos are a way of expressing the art of a culture with a millenary history. It is achieved by engraving the skin with a design that adapts to your character and personality.

The particular design of these tattoos is attractive to the eye, their lines add a touch of delicacy considered by many to be elegant, unusual and sophisticated. In addition to allowing you to express an idea or convey a message through the tattoo.

What are the most popular Arabic tattoos?

When it comes to causing a sensation, this is the ideal option to catch the eye and cause a fury. It is considered as one of the favorites by celebrities.

Many people tend to tattoo Arabic letters and place them in a visible area of ​​their body that is striking, especially in areas such as the wrist, back, and neck.

However, as it is a foreign and little-known language, you must make sure that the writing is correct and exactly what you want in the Arabic tattoo.

Choosing phrases in unknown languages ​​turn out to be in high demand nowadays, since apart from capturing beauty it produces an effect of mystery. That is why it may be that many consider them sensual in any part of the body.

This art is very common in the male gender but women have taken advantage of becoming icons of having Arabic engravings tattooed on their skin.

Meaning of tattoos in arabic letters

You can choose a name, a word or simply convey a message that fits your personality. Or if you are Muslim you can even get a verse from the Koran tattooed.

Such is the case of “Angelina Jolie” that apart from adorning her skin with many designs has the word “determination” tattooed in Arabic, likewise “Rihanna”, “Selena Gómez” and many celebrities have chosen to choose phrases or transmit biblical messages in this way.

You can also choose between words that determine your values, “love”, “forgiveness”, “discipline”; phrases of love such as “you are my life”, “you are everything I want”, or messages that you want to transmit and have touched your life, “the important thing is not to be busy but to be progressing”, “this too will pass”.

The letters provide delicacy and even more when they are short phrases allowing them to be easier and faster to draw on a tattoo.

You don’t have to be a Muslim to get an Arabic phrase tattooed. It is advisable to find a person who speaks and writes that language correctly and not to use translators or dictionaries.

Booming Arabic Tattoo Designs

In addition to the letters, there are the most subtle and delicate designs that express the fascinating of every detail of this culture. This practice dates back to ancient times when they were used to show art, ritual symbols or in some tribes to differentiate themselves from others and indicate their social status. Arab tattoos are a way of expressing the roots and roots of an ancient culture.

The word tattoo means marking referring to the method of applying designs. You can place the tattoos in areas such as hands, feet or ankles, forearms, back, chest and others that you consider indicated.

Generally, people choose the tattoos that best identify them and fit their character and personality. Without a doubt, this is a beautiful alternative and it will cause a feeling of mystery to the point that people will approach you making them ask you about its meaning.

These designs will allow you to decorate your body and make you feel more attractive, thus allowing you to improve your appearance, express your identity, transmit a story or simply can serve as a reminder to encourage you and feel strengthened and motivated.

There are countless tattoos but if you want to innovate and look elegant, the best option is Arab tattoos. Always look for a professional who has experience with this type of tattoo and thus the results will be more precise and will be adjusted to your requirement.

Do not think about it and make a difference, become a trend and catch the eyes with a tattoo of Arabic letters.

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